Student Profile: Daniel Jeffries from Clarksville, Tennessee

It is a widely accepted fact that mostfinancial institutions around the world are only interested in hiring students from top universities. Quite interestingly, they also tend to onlytarget students who have interned at major banks and top consulting firms.  Hence, it is quite difficult to break into the industry from a “non-target” university, where most students are passed over for these competitive internships. Moreover, if you live in a small citysuch as Clarksville TN, your chances of landing a lucrative job offer at a top financial institution are slim to none. However, this hasn’t stopped Daniel Jeffries from Clarksville, Tennessee trying to launch his career in consulting or asset management.

For those who don’t know Daniel Jeffries, he is a recent graduate of Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. He was a fairly average student at the beginning of his college career, but after developing an interest in investing and personal finance, he’s worked hard to become a top student at the university.  Since developing a passion for finance, Jeffries has become the type of student that tends to set the curve on nearly every exam, while supplementing his coursework with online programming classes, and earning a steady return from his actively-managed portfolio. As someone who balances his coursework with an audit internship, volunteer-work at a VITA site, and CFA exam preparation, he’s not unfamiliar with the long 80+ hour work weeks that will likely be expected from him in his career.

Recently, Daniel has secured admission into several top Master’s in Finance programs, so his efforts are clearly starting to pay off.  While it is rare for a student of a small public university to make this transition, he has demonstrated that it certainly isn’t impossible.  Even if you have an average GPA at a non-Ivy League school, it’s never too late to turn things around.  Through hard work and perseverance, Mr. Jeffries is well on his way to become one of his university’s success stories, and it will be interesting to see what he accomplishes throughout his career.

Daniel Jeffries Clarksville Tennessee

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