Struggling to Get to the First Million in Business revenue?

The Marketing and Networking University business growth and market domination experts can solve this equation for you.  

Are you interested in discovering the countless income hidden in the depths of your business right now? The Marketing and Networking University CEO and business growth expert Jess Tiffany can aid any company in finding a minimum of $17,000 just waiting to be unearthed under an hour. – “If a company wants to make it in the tough world they must create revenue” according to Jess Tiffany, CEO for the Marketing and Networking University “The challenge most businesses face is they have no practical methods for doing this. Most companies just try to force more advertising into the marketplace hoping and praying it will produce, or even worse they throw some products online assuming they will just begin to fly off the virtual shelves. If you happen to be a small business owner, then likely you are doing these exact fatal mistakes day in and day out.

By taking steps to gain the needed knowledge and then to apply that learned knowledge to your business, can literally transform your business. You can make substantial changes and explode your business to new heights. At the Marketing and Networking University we combine top business educational online e- courses with digital marketing tools and resources to allow you to get educated, but then also to begin execution of that education. Knowledge without application is essentially just useless knowledge that you could have probably just googled. In our effort for continual improvement and offering superior educational opportunities we have launched a new unique market domination step-by-step training system.

This advanced state of the art lead generation and ultimate training system can be a stand-alone do-it-yourself online system or you can choose to have our professional coaching staff work with you like your own personal business development coach. Through this new program we show a small business owner how to build a market-dominating business. We can either do a mini business audit as a free introduction to the power of the system or we can do a full audit which is typically 4-5 hours for just $2,500 for a limited time.  The mini audit can typically be done in 30-45 minutes and in of itself can be very eye opening.  “The information that is presented is expressly created and designed to help small business owners learn the needed skills, tactics and strategies that will empower them to take their business to the next highest level,” he said.

Following the mini audit the owners will be encouraged to look into a full audit and strategy session so they can begin to implement what we discovered during the mini audit. The business owner will also be given an opportunity for ongoing coaching either as a do it yourself online method or having a yearlong growth strategy coach to help drive implementation and ongoing adjustments to keep the strategic marketing focused and continuous. Considered one of the top sales and marketing trainers in the country, Jess Tiffany is an expert in small business growth. He has applied his business and training skills to helping hundreds of business owner’s increase their overall success, revenues and profits for more than 25 years. “Jess has been quoted in many publications such as the Huffington Post, ActiveRain (Real Estate),, eContent Magazine, Docurated, Star Tribune and many many others.  His expertise is in breaking down complex strategies into applicable bite size pieces, lends itself to enrich any business owner looking for the edge. Whether it is using the free social media scheduling tools, the blogging platform, clicktrackers, keynote speaker finding service, etc.

The Marketing and Networking University is all about providing value and top notch education for aspiring as well as seasoned business owners. The exciting thing that M.N.U. is doing right now is waiving its fees for this one-time-only mini audit for small business owners. By doing this and opening up to do more direct coaching helps entrepreneurs and small business owners have more easily assessable access to experts that can grow their businesses far quicker by mastering proven and vetted processes that helps the businesses to immediately generate more prospects, attract a large client base and make more revenue than they have ever made previously. “The business person is the heart and soul of commerce,” said Jess Tiffany. The Marketing and Networking University is a company built for the success of entrepreneurs. Our goal is to educate and empower business owners to set goals, implement strategies and grow to unprecedented new levels. “Our unique insights, strategies and tactics helps businesses to find more leads; transform those potential leads into quality repeat paying customers, while at the same time increasing  the company’s profits and revenue, even in these times of economic uncertainty. ”

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