Strt-Up, New Crowd funding Website Wishes to Revitalize the Entire Funding Process

With the introduction to crowd funding, people have been able to achieve their dream projects which would have been impossible to develop and create otherwise. While usually project backers have received discounted versions of the final product, additional goodies and other small items, the reward system has always been something that very minimally incentivizes the backers to invest their money.

This is why Strt-Up is one crowd funding website that wishes to add a twist to the entire process. Instead of just regular rewards, they want to give the project backers a better deal. Depending on the amount of money donated by the backer, the Strt-Up system (or rather, the initiator of the project) provides the backers virtual coins minted in the project’s name.

The value of this virtual coin is not controlled by local or national banks. In fact, no financial institutions have any say in it. Instead, its value is determined by the trading market. The coins can be shared across the hundreds of other currencies found on Strt-Up. Their reliable trading system makes the entire process quite simplified and to the point.

The absolute ultimate outcome is when a project has been successful and the project owner decides that he wants to continue collaborating with his backers and redeems the virtual money against shares in the project’s company and in this way owner and backers become partners. This provides an opportunity to the project owners to continue working together with their backers even after the initial donating phase has concluded.

The Strt-Up team wanted to build a system with new thinking, including their idea that backers can get much better rewards with gifts plus virtual coins, a win-win where not only the project owner gets his money but the backers also get a good reward.

A system without strict (and sometimes strange) regulations prohibiting what a project can be about as long as they are legal.

Account creation is quite simple, and one’s account is directly linked with their wallet. When a user creates an account and sets up their wallet, they can choose to add, sell, trade and transfer any of the many hundred currencies available.

About Strt-Up:

Unlike most other crow funding sites, Strt-Up does not use the “all-or-nothing” principle that has become such a popular trend nowadays. Instead, they believe that the project backers still want to support the event even if a project’s goal is not fully met, like if they set your goal to $ 10,000 and just get in 8 000, the money is still available, and the project can actually be completed and still be a success.

The team behind Strt-Up are a web developing team who has seen far too many top interesting ideas and projects sheltered because there is no money to complete the clients projects when all costs have been put into a budget. This is something that they wish to change with their new idea.

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