Strong points of the wired steel mesh in the building construction areas

Significantly improve the quality of steel works:

Compared with the traditional manual steel banding, the Wire Mesh Wholesaler has high steel degree, high flexibility and evenly space. In that case, the local steel bar will not be easily bent during the Pouring concrete reinforced. In the bridge deck, the pass rate of the steel structure which applies the welded wire mesh could reach to more than 95%.

Significantly improve the construction speed

A large number of domestic and foreign construction practice shows that the application of the welded Wire Mesh Supplier could help to significant reduce the complicated welded-site installation work and then eliminating the need for steel processing. Compared to the traditional artificial banding work, this product can save labor compared to approximately 50% to 70%. Amazing number!

The application of the welded wire mesh has good overall economic efficiency:

First, the using of welded steel mesh could help to save a lot of labor and construction site binding site. The most crucial point is that it could make steel engineering quality has very big improve. Due to the wired steel mesh will produced advance in the factory, it will not need the reprocessing. Due to the shortened of the construction cycle, it could reduce the cost for lifting machinery and other expenses.

Second, this product could help to save steel. Compared with the use of I grade steel, the using of steel mesh could help to enhance the strength more than 70% than I grade steel. Consider some structural require, it may still save more than 25% of the steel.


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