STRAINBOWS INC is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

ROLLING PAPERS AND CONES, bleached, unbleached and hemp.

Captain GoGo has run catch up design and comes in various size.

Made from virgin wood pulp and and Arabic Acacia gum from Germany.

Captain Gogo and Strainbows inc are proud to present the North American release of one of the World’s Finest rolling papers at very reasonable price. Made with the same High-Quality products that all the leading brands use with some innovative technology for the modern connoisseur.

Our large array of products from Cones to roll outs battle the world’s top brands in selection and quality, Captain GoGo has learned from the mistakes of other companies and what makes a high quality, smooth burning paper with no taste for a pure and smooth flavor. We plan to Expand our market internationally and become the premier go to paper for connoisseurs. The papers are made from Virgin Wood Pulp with beautiful acacia gum imported from Germany for flawless sticking without disrupting flavor of the natural herbs or blends. Our Honey comb pattern allows the run catch up technology to provide and even burn. For a connoisseur a good rolling paper can make or break the experience and our papers are made for connoisseur by connoisseur. With nifty branding and a high-quality product STRAINBOWS is ready to capture the market. Our pure hemp product is organic and have the same technology and great quality, they are also available in cones, 1¼ and King size. Our GOTWINS are unique only to our brand letting customers on the go have only 2paper and 2filters with out having a collection of booklets because you forgot.

Captain GoGo cones allow even the most novice roller the ability to make a perfect cone each time in just a matter of seconds, our built- in rolling trays allow a no mess no waste system to make sure you get everything and our rollouts allow you to pick what size you want depending on mood or the size of your session while using the same great quality paper and we offer 5 meters when others only offer 3 meters. We offer something for everyone.

STRAINBOWS part of MEDI420 PHARMA INC a late stage applicant for Cannabis cultivation in the frontier of Canadian legalization and strive to provide the highest quality, cleanest products to the consumers. With almost 30 years of experience the techniques and craftmanship can be seen in our finished products.

STRAINBOWS has an accessories line up coming in 2019.

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