Stormy Weather Damages Roofs in an Instant – Check Your home for Damage After Every Storm

Detroit homeowners and businesses with storm damage need someone with special expertise in storm damage cleanup so that rooms and contents can be restored to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Contact RAM Residential ASAP!
Detroit’s recent stormy weather, and the summer ahead, creates a hazard for roofs and siding. Storm damage needs to be addressed and fixed immediately, before it becomes a major problem.

DETROIT (June 30, 2014) – Spring and summer storms have been dropping large amounts of rainfall on the Detroit metro area, and quite a few of these storms have brought wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. Once you see winds above 50 mph, you need to make a plan to check for damage to your home, specifically checking the roof and siding.

Strong winds can pull shingles off your roof, knock trees or large debris into your home, or cause other kinds of damage to your roof that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Once the storm passes and the coast is clear, there are a few telltale signs of damage you need to look for.

Water Leaks

Head to the attic first to see if there is water pooling or dripping anywhere. Once a storm starts pulling up shingles from your roof, water can more easily find its way into your home. Water damage is serious and causes a number of problems, including wood rot and mold. If you notice any old water stains, it’s assign that there has been previous damage to the roof that needs to be addressed.

Roof Damage

Head outside and take a look at your house. Take note of any shingles that have come off, and any debris sitting on the roof. Larger branches are heavy enough to cause damage during a storm and need to be removed by a professional.

Specifically look at the spots where the roof meets the outside walls of the home. If you notice cracks or separation, your home may have suffered serious structural damage that needs to be addressed immediately. Check out the gutters, noticing any major dents or bends that could signify that it had been hit by something during the storm. This could mean that the roof had also been hit, even if you can’t see it from where you stand.

Hail Damage

If the storm produced hail, you also need to look at the siding of your house. Hail can dent and damage the roof and siding of your home. If you notice the tell-tale dents or rivets, have someone come out to look into it further to make sure it’s just surface damage and not something more serious.

Bottom line, the stormy summer months create hazards for homeowners, and it’s always best to deal with a smaller problem before it gets larger and more expensive to fix. If you notice any roof damage to your Detroit house after a storm, ask a professional to come out and assess the situation. The folks at R.A.M. Residential have been serving homeowners in the Detroit metro area for almost 20 years and have the expertise needed to recognize any potential problems and deal with them efficiently and honestly. Please visit for more information about their services.

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R.A.M. Residential is owned and run by Roger McCauley, a lifelong Detroit resident who gets personally involved in every job they do. R.A.M. Residential also handles Detroit window installation, siding, carpentry, and kitchen, bath and basement remodeling.

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