Station Coin Aims to Become ‘Future Money’ with Minimal Transaction Fees and Multiple Platform Support

June 4, 2018 – Investing and using cryptocurrencies can be done without taking part in an ICO. The new Station Coin (STS) offers a fast, secure and minimal-fee transaction experience for worldwide use, whether in gaming or e-commerce. Station Coin aims to become the future money of choice for online buyers and sellers.

Station Coin is decentralized and can be used to buy, sell or exchange products, and offers instant payment receipt using advanced inscriptions with complete security. The transaction fees are almost negligible when compared with other payment options such as banks, credit cards or online payment platforms. More than that, STS is also an investment platform with good returns using proof of work and proof of stake in a seven day timeframe.

Using STS is simple, and users can download a QT wallet and install on desktops. Funds can be deposited automatically using the wallet to begin staking. STS offers 60% of funds in the wallet annually with less than seven days of stakes.

Station coin is open source, and decentralizes online shopping. Payment receipts happen instantly due to its P2P technology with no central authority. Blockchain is used to transmit all data.

Our goal is to make Station Coin the main asset to global money exchange. The process of Station Coin using trade through exchanges is possible. In the future, Station Coins will be used in daily purchases, such as goods and other services,” says a spokesperson for Station Coin.

Station Coins can be bought by signing up and transferring BTC, after which trading can be done wit popular exchanges. Among the multiple service platforms to be developed using STS are, exchanges, shopping online platform, auto robot blockchain for making money, gaming blockchain and e-commerce. Of these, two projects have been completed. An online shopping platform and STS Connect Coffee for global transactions using barcode scanning in app.

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