Standing Up Straight, Looking Confident with Fullull Posture Corrector

Stand up straight with your shoulders back. The rule is ages old, but everywhere around can be sighted people with a bad slouch, rounded shoulders or posture habits that look anything but confident and attractive. The Fullull Posture Corrector is meant to add these vital quotients back into our lives, and remove the dreaded pain by training our neck and back muscles with a comfortable, easy to wear, neoprene brace.

Life improvement begins with the posture. The Fullull Posture Corrector is a brace that can be worn all day long. The brace makes the neck, shoulders and the back come to life again when in use, while training our muscles to retain their correct alignment even afterwards. The brace is meant for both men and women, can be worn at home, school or office underneath clothes, and while performing usual activities.

The Fullull Posture Corrector also works as a column corrector to correct spine deformation, relieve painful conditions such as scoliosis or spondylosis and back pain caused by incorrect posture, and any other physical or clinical symptoms. The medical clavicle brace lets the wearer stand or sit straight and confident, and tightens up automatically when a slouch takes place. The brace can be adjusted to tighten only the shoulders and upper back as well, and always remains breathable.

Our brand is dedicated to improve people’s life and especially frequent computer or mobile devices users. The clavicle brace is a natural way to improve posture without any excessive pressure, and is designed to give people a confident look,” says Christian Rodin, CEO and Founder of Fullull.

Since muscle memory plays a key role in forming good posture habits, the Fullull brace is designed as a muscle trainer. The product comes with extra convenience features such as easy pulling from the front with no back adjustments required.

The one-size-fits-all clavicle brace is a piece of workmanship and technology that aims to bring back good old habits, giving the body proper alignment, support, and stability. The Fullull Posture Corrector can be bought from its Amazon page with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

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