Stainless steel comb is here to overcome the shortcomings of traditional Combs

Steel tooth has announced the launch of the new stainless-steel comb which is promised to offer better combing experience than the traditional plastic combs. Those who find it difficult to manage their hair using the plastic combs may as well try their hands on the new comb made out of high-quality stainless steel.

The steel tooth comb has many advantages to offer over the plastic combs, such as it glides smoothly through the hair as it does not bend. Unlike the plastic combs that produce static charge sometimes and make the hair stick to the comb making it harder for the user to comb their hair properly, the stainless-steel comb will pass through the hair effortlessly in all kinds of weather and conditions.

The steel tooth comb is suitable for firmly held and thick hair as well. The users will thick hair can run the comb under some water and then use it for a seamless combing experience. Additionally, the handle on the comb allows for passing through the ear without having to bend the comb in certain angle as with standard plastic combs. It acts as a comb and provides the comfort of holding it like a brush.

Although the steel combs were already available in the market, they were pretty expensive which is why the Steel tooth comb is launched to provide the customers an affordable alternative for the same, without compromising on the quality of it. The comb is environment-friendly and can be recycled. Since it is made out of high-quality stainless steel, it is highly durable and the user may not need to buy another comb in their life.

The comb is designed to provide ultimate comfort while combing. It may be made of hard material but wide tooth construction makes it gentle on the scalp.  So far, the product has received a good feedback from the customers who have used it.

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