Stacey Cargnelutti Releases New Book a Companion to Help Navigate Life, Love, and Faith

Canyon Lake, CA – June 13, 2018 – Stacey Cargnelutti releases her new book entitled “Egypt 2 Canaan: A Guide to Lasting Change and Rich Fulfillment.” The book promises to be a “faithful companion to help in navigating life, love, and faith in order to stay on the course to Promised Land.” This book is a discussion of life’s lessons where the author; a life-changing coach and transformation leader, hopes to share with her readers.

In this book, the reader’s spirituality is tested. The book is a discussion of how the Old Testament story of Israel’s journey from lack and defeat to freedom and abundance holds relevant truth for today’s life journey as well.  Whether you’ve circled the same mountain too many times or you’re just ready to live with more inspiration, you’ll find yourself in the pages of Egypt 2 Canaan: A Guide To Lasting Change and Rich Fulfillment.

The book poses many questions regarding choice. How do people make decisions given the many options available in the world today? The reader will hopefully find answers to their questions and welcome their influences on future decision making. It also discusses the rise of addiction, depression, stress, and self-harm being suffered in the current age of illumination we live in.

Furthermore, the book explains the needs of spiritual beings as well as the source of their supply. How does a soul become satisfied? What satisfies the soul? How long does the satisfaction last? Does success mean satisfaction?

The journey that is this book is presented in forty lessons. Each of these lessons will challenge the reader’s current perception and truth. E2C will unveil the mystery of the soul’s true and sacred romance. And it promises to be a faithful companion in life’s great journey. 

The author, Stacey Cargnelutti is an international best-selling author. She is also a dynamic speaker and life-changing coach. She has founded the High Powered Success Academy for top earners and achievers  seeking more in life. She provokes thought and confronts complacency as an authentic agent of change. She has inspired many to a life of freedom and abundance and is loved for her contagious positive energy, groundbreaking insight, and love for God and people.

“An inspiring, entertaining, comprehensive and informative read! This book touches on spirituality, leadership, love, self-sabotage, purpose, addiction, relationships, health, fitness, wellness and more.” Says a reader reviewing the book. After reading Egypt 2 Canaan readers will surely need more insights from the author and would want to stay connected to her work as an author, speaker and life-changing coach.

Egypt 2 Canaan is available on Amazon along with Stacey Cargnelutti’s other works. The author can also be contacted at and the following social media links:





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