St. Albert Physiotherapists Helping Over 12,420 Patients to Date

No Obligation Physiotherapy Appointments Now Offered

The experts at St. Albert Physiotherapy have now served over 12,420 patients in the St. Albert and Edmonton communities.  Since 1992, they have helped patients find relief from pain from physical ailments caused from such things as disease, injuries, and deformities.  The team of rehabilitation therapists are now offering no obligation appointments so potential patients can find out more about how the service might help them.

“We have a team of experienced rehabilitation therapists who work together so our patients can start feeling better as quickly as possible,” stated a representative of St. Albert Physiotherapy.  “We are dedicated to helping our patients get moving and keep moving.  We care deeply about each and every patient we serve.”

Painful conditions such as backaches, headaches, and a myriad of other pain-related issues are addressed at the clinic.  The team of therapists consists of massage therapists, shock wave therapists, kinesiologists, physical therapists, and knee brace professional who work synergistically together to help reverse physical limitations and get patients to a pain-free lifestyle.  The patient plans are skillfully and thoughtfully tailored to the needs of each individual client.

As the number of patients helped nears the 12,500 mark, the team at St. Albert Physiotherapy are thrilled as they look into the future, excited about helping 12,500 more.

“It is rewarding to know that we have helped so many patients get rid of their pain so they can live their life without limitations,” a St. Albert Physiotherapy spokesperson commented. 

A number of services are offered at the location such as acupuncture, motor vehicle accident injury physical therapy, workplace injury physical therapy and Alberta Health Services physical therapy.  Prevention is also a service offered.  Information concerning specific costs and insurance coverage is available on the website.

The no obligation visit that is being offered is designed to build trust and to answer questions and address any concerns there may be.  The appointment is set with one of the Physiotherapists and includes a viewing of the clinic, meeting the staff, and getting a glimpse at the services that are offered.  Injury pre-assessment, a discussion with a Physiotherapist, feedback about one’s diagnosis results or imaging and advice on if Physiotherapy is a good fit for the potential patient’s circumstance are all things that can be covered during the appointment.

To find out more about what St. Albert Physiotherapy has to offer or to schedule a no obligation appointment, visit the website.

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