Sports Authority Provides New Content About How To Maintain A Camping Tent Properly

It does not make any sense to purchase an expensive camping tent, and you do not know how to take care of it or keep it safe. Generally, if you take the initiative to take care of your camping tent, it will not only take care of you while camping, but also save you a lot of cash. Well, below are some of the most important tips that will help you to maintain your tent. One can visit the site of×10-canopy.html to see full review of the product.

1. Protective Gears

When it comes to tents, do not believe everything you read or told about the material used and the properties it has to offer. There is no doubt that there are many tents build out of strong, waterproof materials; however, it is advisable to use protective materials to protect your tent anytime while you are camping. Examples of such materials include; Tent footprints, weather proofs, duct tapes and others. The page of has some quality info on the product.

Tent Footprints – Tent Footprints is a groundsheet that is specifically cut to match your tent. These footprints protect the bottom of your tent from loose gravel and wet ground. These footprints help your tents from wear and tearing, which will prevent you from cleaning your tent often. The site of offers great feedback on the product.

Weather proofs (Reproofs) – After few tent uses, it is equally important to consider weatherproof materials or simply use reproofs. These materials will not only increase the life of your tent, but it will also ensure it remains waterproof every time. Moreover, they also help in protecting your tent against the harsh sun during summer. The site of can provide one with useful info on the product.

Duct Tapes – Duct tapes are the best outdoor person’s best friend. When camping, it is very important to carry a roll of this item with you in the case you need a quick tent repair to get you through the rest of your trip. You can use them to fix poles, holes and anywhere related.

2. Dealing With Mildew

If you store your tent while it is still wet or store it in a damp place, you run the risk of mildew forming. This type of fungi has the power to penetrate the waterproof coating of your tent. If you find these fungi on your tent, take care while cleaning them because they destroy the coating. Use heavy diluted bleach while cleaning.

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