Spoonie Essentials Box caters to the needs of chronic illness patients

Spoonie Essentials Box is a unique idea that offers care package subscription for chronic illness patients. With an aim to make each day a little easier for patients by bringing them essential items, the brand offers monthly “pick me up” care packages consisting of products that may bring relief to the patients.

Every Spoonie Essentials Box contains carefully selected products, goods, and services that offer support and encouragement to patients for dealing with chronic illness. The box generally consists of happy emails, newsletters, comfort food items, healing and nourishing products, hobby items and more. The company follows a holistic approach to dealing with chronic illness by considering the emotional well-being of patients and keeping their spirits up as they battle through illness.

The company understands the fact that dealing with a chronic illness is a very challenging task for patients as well as the family members. They have to deal with regular checkups, a lot of medication, stay at the hospitals and everyday pain which is why the Spoonie Essentials Box has been created. It aims to bring a little sigh of relief, comfort, happiness and motivation to patients in form of items that make everyday stuff a little bit easier for them.

Spoonie Essentials box is created to bring smiles to the patients and make them feel connected and not alone in this fight against illness. It’s a gentle reminder to the patient that someone cares and that a box of small items can sometimes save the day. Whether it’s a pack of a cool pillow, nutrient-packed instant smoothie mixes, a sparkling pendant or sticky notes, anything can bring smile and comfort to a patient when they receive it in a carefully curated surprise box. The subscription makes a great gift for showing care to patients and telling them that someone is always there.

Every box of Spoonie Essentials is made with a theme such as “naps, Netflix and Pills”,”Nama-stay-in- bed”, “Painsomnia”, “Self-Love isn’t Selfish” and more. The receiver can find DIY projects to keep them busy while resting at home or in the hospital. They will also find a note of encouragement, a healthy snack, natural remedies for common chronic illness challenges, tokens of inspiration and anything that may assist the patient is feeling better.

More information about Spoonie Essentials Box can be found at their official website.

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