Spectronn receives award from the National Spectrum Consortium for DSA Policy Development

Innovative wireless startup company, Spectronn, part of team awarded a $7M contract for Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) Policy Development

Spectronn has been awarded a contract by the National Spectrum Consortiumto develop aDynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) Policy engine. Significant enhancements to the wireless data rate and latency through smart spectrum accesswill be demonstrated.

Spectronn offers AI-driven cognitive wireless technology, providing resilient and high speedwireless connectivity and mobile edge computing, through dynamic spectrum management (DSM).

In recent times, there has been an increasing need for mobile networks to coexist in congested and contested spectrum. This has led to a shift from the traditional static frequency assignment to dynamic spectrum access. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has not enacted policies for the operation of DSA systems. However, the DSA Policy Development project under the Spectrum Access Research & Development Program (SAR&DP) is aimed at developing and delivering a comprehensive set of DSA policies and rules to govern the behavior of DSA-enabled systems impacted by the Advanced Wireless Service (AWS-3) transition.

The AWS-3 transition aims toprovide severalopportunities for theDepartment of Defense as well ascommercial wireless operators, to dynamically access, manage and share spectrum. Policy driven DSM tools developed in this project will help commercial wireless operators and Federal usersto co-exist. This ensures the dynamic use of wireless spectrum in an unprecedented way.

“We will develop DSM algorithms, DSA policy engine and integrate them. The integratedsystem will be demonstrated to keyDoD stakeholders for resilient connectivity by accessing wireless spectrum opportunistically,” says Spectronn’s CTO VidyaSagar.

About Spectronn

Spectronn, an innovative wireless startup company, provides transformative, AI driven, cloud managed cognitive radio networking and mobile edge computing technologies. These technologies target connectivity for transportation (e.g., buses and trains), resilient public safety communications and the Department of Defense applications.

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