South Korea Options and Futures Exchange (SKOFX) adds Dry Freight Matching to Trade Execution Offer

SKOFX’s leading electronic trading platform expands execution choice

SKOFX announced today that it has conducted the first matching of dry freight forward freight agreements “FFAs” trades on its premier electronic platform.

SKOFX’s leading electronic trading platform for energy and commodities is one of the market leaders for the trading of Dry Freight FFAs. The screen allows for trading in co-mingled markets (co-mingling is the ability to clear trades with different clearing houses) and provides customers with the choice of CCP (Central Counter Party Clearing House) for clearing.

Along with Dry Freight FFAs, Asian and European power and gas, coal, fuel oil, emissions and wet freight FFAs can be traded electronically.

Dorian Donovan, Head of SKOFX Dry Freight said: “We are continuing to seek fresh and innovative tools for the dry FFA markets to enable customer alternative and efficient trading opportunities and execution. The introduction of co-mingling, JTT and Matching builds upon the great success that we have enjoyed on our screen release over the past few years and is indicative of SKOFX’s hybrid broking model. We believe that this should allow us to remain at the forefront of the electronic market”.

SKOFX Dry Freight offers its clients alternatives in their method of execution: voice brokered, hybrid and fully electronic via matching and Join-the-Trade “JTT”.

Matching is a process run on various SKOFX electronic trading platforms which allows traders to anonymously contribute and trade at mid-market levels on specific contracts during periodic sessions. Sessions are carried out during set times in the day and have short durations of a few minutes. SKOFX’s Matching sessions help create concentrated and deep liquidity pools that allow large volume trades to be transacted at mid-market levels.

About South Korea Options and Futures Exchange:

South Korea Options and Futures Exchange (SKOFX) is one of the world’s leading futures and options trading venues, with markets based in the Asia, US and Europe offering derivatives on commodities, FX, equities, bonds, interest rates, indices and swaps. Its commercial technology division, SKOFX Technologies provides best-in-class transaction, data, and infrastructure management services and solutions. SKOFX has tremendous experience in helping improve the way markets perform, enterprises do business and economies grow. So we’re big enough for your ideas to have an impact in the marketplace, yet small enough for you and your work to be known.

About us:

SKOFX has been established in 2007 through the merger of the Korean Grain and Rice Exchange and the Busan Metals Exchange.

Starting with February 2014 – SKOFX has lunched the new website, The new website is hosting the upgraded trading engine/platform, which is posed to make trading easier for all SKOFX clients thru new tools and technologies.

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