Source Phoenix: Review Examining Alex Becker’s SEO Program Released

Source Phoenix reviews have been flooding the Internet and reveals the truth about this program created by a few guys who generate over $300,000 per month through SEO.

The creators of Source Phoenix claim they have come together to give people the secrets to their SEO success. Only a tiny percentage of businesses use SEO the way they do, which means a user’s new efforts will help them quickly turn around their business and find success. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Our Source Phoenix review shows that you get a course that teaches you how to rank with SEO. You get an inside look into the business models that create a huge yearly income for the creators,” reports Stevenson. “In fact, it goes beyond an inside look; you get the actual instructions, step-by-step, on how to create a successful SEO plan. You will get the best insights in one organized place that takes you by the hand and gives you the tools for your business.”

Source Phoenix includes 4 modules: Core Training, Affiliate Blitz, Client Take Over and Quick Cash. Module 1 helps one understand how to implement SEO in a business from beginning to end. Module 2 comes straight from Dan Anderson who has been known to average almost 6 figures per month from the affiliate side of things. Taught by SEO expert Kotton Grammer, Module 3 is for those who are after clients. In the last module, people will learn how to make their own SEO software and create products that are in line with the knowledge they gain from this course. Two months of group coaching through webinars and the community the creators have set up is also included.

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“Three guys who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month are behind this course that is made for anyone who wants to be successful with SEO. You will learn how to scale your efforts, as these strategies will work for you and your business,” says Stevenson. “Teach others SEO or keep your secrets and create a business based around SEO that helps other businesses. Stop messing around with SEO strategies that don’t work. Even beginners will start off on the right foot with this course.”

“Whether you want to attract clients or create a successful affiliate business, Source Phoenix can help you. It teaches you not only about SEO and how to use it to attract clients and customers, but also about SEO strategies that you don’t use right now. If you are a beginner and just starting out your business, this is the perfect opportunity to avoid years of frustration. Considering this is information from guys who understand SEO on an intimate level and consistently generate a large income every month from it, we are willing to bet you will find the information valuable.”

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