Sophia Segal was awarded the Gold Medal which is the highest impact award honor. It is awarded to an individual whose sustained leadership, dedication and originality of thought have inspired fellow professionals, academics and colleagues alike around the world.

Sophia Segal

The annual International Impact Awards recognize outstanding professional experts and their highest achievements in specialized knowledge areas.

Each year, the Business Times honors top women executives at European and North American corporations and large public, nonprofit and government organizations who make a critical difference in their companies and industry.

Sophia is a critical leader for Requirements Management research and Risk Assessment, and her contributions to the organization have led to numerous key requirements analysis projects benefiting her research, expertise and early development efforts. Sophia has led numerous teams across companies where she has played a pivotal role, including IBM Corporation UK, News Corporation Group UK and Roche Global Group based in US, Switzerland, Shanghai, Toronto and UK, and has been consistently recognized for her Requirements Analysis and Risk Analysis skills in managing and identifying critical gaps in companies, leveraging technology to get rid of these gaps and driving the company successfully ahead of its competitors.

Sophia Segal’s achievements in her knowledge of Requirements Analysis and Risk Assessment have significantly advanced understanding in this field. The exceptional quality of her research, the impact of her work, and her ongoing efforts to share the results of this work have greatly enriched and contributed globally to Information Technology (IT) and IT Healthcare Projects and Corporations internationally. 

Sophia is an IT Analyst Manager and expert with over 15 years’ experience, specializing in fundamentals of Software Requirements and Risk.  Over tens of thousands, International Impact Award nomination applicants were reviewed by a multidisciplinary, international jury comprising of representatives from global academia, as well as from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

The judges awarded Sophia Segal using the following weighted selection criteria.

1. Impact and Influence of her achievements within and beyond the academic and professional domain.

2. Overall Contribution to the knowledge area.

3. The significance of her knowledge of specialization.

4. Her international stature.

5. Outcomes of her achievements.

Having risen to the top of her field due to her substantial contributions and spoken about in major publications, Sophia Segal continues to impact the world of Requirements Analysis including Risk Assessment by focusing on the missing gaps that other professionals have missed.

Congratulations to Sophia Segal on this tremendous achievement.  Sophia is currently working at the Centre of Excellence Requirements & Risk Assessment Program for a Roche, a global company as an IT Analyst Expert.

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