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Detergent Generator – Commercial

A lot of waste oil is produced every day in homes, slaughterhouses, food plants and hotels. The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States reports that restaurants create about three billion gallons of waste oil each year. Used oil has particles which could be hazardous to human health and is not suitable for consumption; it is therefore recommended that you occasionally change your frying oil. Somehow this waste oil may find its way to our tables after being illegally processed by unscrupulous traders. You would want a device that effectively solves the problem with minimal harm occasioned to the environment.

This type of equipment helps with recycling the waste oil and ensuring that it is put to good use.  The oil can be used to make  detergent.  With this appliance, you can have your cake and eat it. You can now recycle the oil and use the final product for cleaning purposes in addition to ensuring that waste oil is not put up for consumption. (

Putting your waste oil into the garbage may be dangerous as it may leak from the garbage truck and pollute roadways. Pouring the oil into your sink could also cause sewer blockage. Oil spillage in the rivers and oceans can be catastrophic. Oil floats on water as the two do not mix well, it then creates a barrier that prevents the oxygenation of the water causing the death of aquatic animals. Part of the oil may also stick to fish gills and scales.  Throwing the waste cooking oil in the backyard may not be the best idea as your land may become barren. Thankfully with our detergent generator, you can say goodbye to all these problems. (

Detergent Generator (ZO-DTE, Patent Number: 201420860417.0)

Small-sized machine


•    It weighs 50KG with a processing capacity of 1kg/hour

•    Dimension Length 0.4m, width 0.4m, height 0.75m

•    Weight: Rated Power: 1.6kW

•    Rated Voltage: 380V

Medium-sized machine


  • It weighs between 400-500 kg with a 10kg/h processing capacity
  • Dimension Length 2m, width 1.5m, height 1.5m
  • Rated Power: 10kW
  • Rated Voltage: 380v
  • Processing capacity: 10kg/h

How it Works

The generator is extremely easy to operate, you simply pour water into the entrance, cover the lid and press the start button, and in one day  you’ll have your concentrated detergent in the outlet.

The generator has a compartment where the detergent is purified. The solid wastes in the oil are removed, and harmful gases are neutralized and expelled into the air.


Several properties make this appliance ideal for use. Firstly, it can be used in different places as it comes in various sizes; minicomputers for household use, medium-sized for use in hotels and large-scale machines for food plants. You can pick one according to your needs.  The flexibility of the product ensures that there is something for everyone; no consumer group is left out.

The machine also allows for onsite recycling of waste hence there is no need to transport the waste for treatment in another location. Transporting the wastes may not only be tedious but also costly. However, if you want to move it from one place to the other, that’s still possible due to its simple design and structure which makes it easy to transport and maintain. The design also gives you room to inspect it to ascertain that all the parts are functioning optimally.

Besides allowing you to recycle waste oil, this gadget is also an energy saver. Its energy consumption is incredibly low as compared to other similar appliances in the market. With skyrocketing energy costs, you would definitely want to go for devices that consume the least amounts of energy.

This detergent generator is incredibly efficient. One single small machine has a daily processing capacity of up to 10kg or more of detergent. This means you could produce up to 70kg of soap every week depending on the amount of waste oil that you intend to process. (

Having a clean environment should be the concern of every right-minded individual. At Soocen, we strive to ensure that our products are eco-friendly. This why our detergent generator employs environmental-friendly processes. The machine does not emit any odor which ensures that the hygiene of the site is maintained. Any harmful gases produced during the preparation of the detergent is first cleaned before being released into the atmosphere.

The company believes in the power of recycling; the product has been modelled with recycling in mind. Harmful gases and greenhouse gases are released from wastes in the garbage sites. Some these gases deplete the ozone layer resulting in adverse climatic implications. Recycling waste oil ensures that the oil does not end up in landfill thus protecting the environment of the hazards. Besides that, recycling eliminates the need for more raw materials thus conserving the environment and reducing energy consumption.  It also allows the consumer to derive useful products from their wastes.

This machine allows you to save money that you would otherwise use to buy detergent while at the same time ensuring that waste oil does not make its way back into your household.

Purchasing this gadget is a good investment with high returns as you would have your money back in no time. You also get to contribute to ensuring a sustainable environment., email:

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