Son of a Beach backpack launches a campaign on Kickstarter

Son of a Beach 6 in 1 Backpack is a brand newbeach bag that can carry all the essential beach items avoiding the hassles of carrying multiple bags. The bag is now available for pre-order at Kickstarter through the crowdfunding that aims to raise $30,000. The bag is developed by Shirley, a full-time mom and her husband who have considered the everyday struggles parents have to go through while going to the beach. They have to carry multiple bags, keep them in one place at the beach, deal with mixing up of wet and dry clothes and more which is why the Son of a Beach bag is created to carry all the Beach essentials in just one compact sized backpack.

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Son of a Beach bag is a sleek and compact bag that comes with a dry bag for dry clothes, detachable drawstring bag for wet clothing, cold bag for storing food & drinks, a separate bag for sandy toys, beach mat and even a small tent for shade and privacy. All of the six items can be fit perfectly in a small compact sized backpack and carried easily to the beach. Using this bag, the user can keep all their focus on enjoying at the beach and not worry about the multiple items or bags they’re carrying, just have one Son of Beach bag on theside and they’re done for a good day at the beach.

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Having a separate drawstring bag for the wet clothes means, the customer won’t have to deal with dripping swimsuits and ruining their dry clothes anymore. Once going back home, they can simply take off the wet bag and put it in the laundry. The Tent and the beach mat can be folded and kept easily inside the bag to be used later on. In fact, to save the beach mat from flying away in wind, they can even hook it to the Son of a Beach backpack itself and just relax. Since the bag can be carried as a backpack, it keeps the hands-free and allows the user to enjoy better at the beach.

You can get the Son of a Beach Backpack here:

Shirley and her husband have spent endless night drawing, designing and prototyping the backpack before finally coming up with the highly functional, 6 in 1 Son of a beach bag.The success of the fundraiser will ensure that her product reaches to a wide number of customers and she’s able to take this to the next level by introducing more colors and even better design. The backers can also get the absorbent, sand resistant beach towels by selecting the perks offered through the Kickstarter campaign.

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