Solutions for three commonly appearing problems of family and public used sensor taps

Nov 21, 2014 – UK – Today, no matter what kinds and brands of the SENSOR TAPS, the working principle of these products should be at the same level and the core component of these products must be the infrared sensing probe and solenoid coils. Although the using for the sensing taps are very convenient, the higher technician content make the normally repairing for this taps become a little bit difficult for these people. Now, the following solutions for some commonly problems during normally using for Antique Taps will give people great help.

No water situation

If there is no response for your sensor kitchen taps, then people could do preliminary judgment that there is fault for the sensor components of this device. For this situation, users could do replaceable for infrared sensor. On the other hand, if users have other normal sensor faucets, they could apply the Exclusion method to determine whether the fault is originated from the sensor part or not. People should first remove the good infrared part and then connect the plug to the water controlling part of the fault sensor taps so as to let people easy to determine the fault position. At the same time, people should also pay attention to the possibility of the plugs bad or damp

Situation of incomplete water shutdown

If people find that they could not totally close down the sensor tap, they should firstly confirm whether there is foreign body on the sensor part of the Waterfall Taps. Furthermore, people should check whether the water inlet end portion of water controlling part has sediment or other debris clogging and clean them if this situation is true. If people try all suggestions before and unable to resolve the problem, please open the solenoid valve and clean the coil spool, spring, diaphragm and other components and then install all of these clean components back. At the end, if the water is still could not be totally close down, people need to replace the solenoid valve portion with a new one.

The situation of small water output

For this problem, each consumer should firstly carefully check the water pressure and flow rate. On the other hand, please check whether the filter of water inlet side of the control part has been clogged with impurities. Furthermore, people should remember that the family pipeline construction usually use PPR pipe which will be easy to get hot melt excessive deformation and it will lead to the narrowing of the pipe then the water output of the sensor taps will be decreased.

The above three problems are easily appearing matters for family used and public used sensor taps. Consumers who already purchased the sensor taps from should pay more attention to above three points.

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