Social Drinking Study Pinpoints Alcoholism Risk Factors, Chapters Capistrano Urges Greater Recognition of Addiction

Addiction recovery center Chapters Capistrano highlights new research that reveals how patterns in social drinkers could indicate risk of future alcoholism development.

Chapters Capistrano, a comprehensive, flexible addiction recovery center based in Southern California, has found that while addiction is a struggle for every client, every guest must initially face challenges to discover how their dependency came to develop—especially in alcoholism. Now a new study coming from the University of Chicago may have additional insight that may not only help alcoholics understand why they were at higher risk of developing the disorder, but also how current heavy drinkers can detect a problem before dependency occurs.

According to the study—led by Andrea C. King, Ph.D—heavy drinkers can display a risk of alcoholism in the way they respond to alcohol. While some schools of thought have suggested that alcoholism risk factors are due to having a low response to alcohol’s effects, the study puts forth the idea that abusers may actually have a higher response to the substance.

In a recent Medscape article Dr. King explains, “…In research and clinical work, I’ve found that a lot of people are drinking because they are really sensitive to liking the effects. Instead of having a low response, it actually could be a higher response to alcohol.” In reference to her most recent study—published in Biological Psychiatry—King adds, “Light drinkers tended to be very sedated. So when they started drinking, they felt tired and sluggish, which we think are protective factors. That’s why they didn’t participate in binge drinking.”

In terms of preventing alcohol abuse and addiction, Mike Shea—founder of Chapters Capistrano—states that this key finding could help many pursue early treatment and alcoholism prevention efforts. “Currently, there is a great deal of scientific research designed around discovering better ways to detect addiction risk factors—such as the recent discovery of genetic markers that could show a predisposition to alcoholism. However, King’s research has expanded the ways everyday citizens can monitor their intake. For instance, by noting heavy social drinkers that do not become sluggish in response to drinking, but more motivated to drink—or even binge drink—are at significant risk of developing dependency.”

Shea encourages individuals who recognize this specific response to alcohol in themselves or loved ones to consider the possibility that alcoholism will develop. He adds, “Binge drinking, on its own, is dangerous and can lead to many short-term health consequences such as alcohol poisoning. In the long-term, however, drinkers also need to be aware of how they may be on the road to developing a life-debilitating dependency.”

In the Medscape article, Dr. King notes that those who recognize this less “protective” response to alcohol intake may be able to benefit from early intervention. Chapters Capistrano specializes in on-site detox and flexible treatment—including variable lengths of stay—that could help individuals tackle early development of alcoholism. Shea states, “I commend King’s work and how it’s getting individuals to think about their drinking patterns differently; it could do a lot to prevent future abuse.”

Any individual who believes he or she is facing alcoholism is encouraged to reach out to Chapters Capistrano at (888) 375-2564 for more information on finding individualized treatment for recovery.


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