SmartBody’s Mission of DNA-based, Hyper-personalized Services will Usher in a New Future for Health and Wellness

Tulsa, OK – A new era of hyper-personalized health and diet planning is not too far. SmartBody, a DNA testing and health advisory company, is spearheading this leap into the future with DNA testing based health, fitness and diet planning. The company’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo welcomes investors to give a fillip to this disruptive change in the health and wellness industry.

New technologies are paving the way for individualized products and services, a trend best described as ‘egonomics’. The next step in personalization of services is where SmartBody is active, and this is happening at the cellular level.

Everyone today is looking for custom built, personalized services. But nothing is more unique than one’s own DNA. Moreover, creating a complete DNA sequence has today become affordable and will soon be accessible to virtually everyone. This is the market for gene-personalized gear and services that SmartBody will help create and flourish.

SmartBody’s mission is to help people get fit, eat right and live better with the help of the best guide nature has made: one’s own DNA. This will take away the uncertainties and risks of whether a diet plan, supplement or exercise routine will work or not. There will be an ‘actionable’ DNA report which will change the way we think about fitness, hormones, nutrition and wellness. And since genetics is only a part of the whole picture, the company also utilizes goals, lifestyles and the environment to create a measured approach.

SmartBody offers the most advanced, ethical and easy to use DNA test kit for home use. A DNA test check kit uses saliva, blood spot or dried urine that can be sent to the company’s lab or office via prepaid mail. A complete report with DNA disorder checks is generated in 10-14 days. This actionable report is used by the company to offer a range of professionals, including medical doctors, nutritionists, registered nurses, personal trainers, triathletes/ultra athletes, yoga masters and body builders.

The company relies only on top labs that are CLIA certified, and its guiding ethical principle is to deal fairly and lawfully with all of its clients.

“SmartBody’s groundbreaking DNA testing will change the way the world thinks about fitness, nutrition, hormones and wellness forever. By contributing to SmartBody, you will allow us an international reach, offering more tests, a multilingual call center, more advanced report delivery, a sophisticated shipping facility and making our cause well-known throughout the United States,” said Tim R Wofford, CEO and Founder, Smart Body DNA.

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