Smart home automation app from HomeCoverPlan delivers real-time monitoring on the go

A smart home can deliver true security and control for any modern home, and HomeCoverPlan is at the forefront of smart home automation. With its very own home automation app, clients can have full and real-time access to their homes even when they are far away.

UNITED KINGDOM – 8 Jun, 2018 – More and more homeowners today understand the importance of having a home that’s not only completely secure but safe for everyone as well. And thanks to numerous innovations when it comes to smart home systems, more homeowners across the UK are finding better peace of mind.

A smart home automation system such as that offered by HomeCoverPlan allows homeowners to keep a close eye on their homes, providing them with alerts and the tools they need to monitor and control their home’s security, temperature, appliances, and more. One of the most valuable services provided by home automation systems is better security. As HomeCoverPlan attests, “Protect what’s important to you by controlling access points in your home via the latest smart tech. Access and monitor your home 24/7 remotely through the HomeCoverPlan app.”

The specific services provided by smart home systems such as these include the monitoring and control of boiler and heating systems, alerts for leakages of gas and water, and more. When it comes to disaster prevention, HomeCoverPlan has its customers covered. HomeCoverPlan confirms, “Our alarms will alert you of the risk and signal the presence of smoke in the air or water leakage from your boiler. This will alert us to the risk of fire and flood in your home. When a water leak is detected, our systems will automatically shut off the water supply to the entire home and an audible alarm will sound.”

But a smart home installation is not as effective without the right app for remote control. And this is precisely what HomeCoverPlan provides. With the HomeCoverPlan app, anyone can monitor and check their home whether they are just a few streets away or thousands of miles away. This ‘control on the go’ solution is ideal for homeowners who have to spend a lot of time away from their homes, even if they are just at their place of work. The app allows users to keep a close watch on family members who are vulnerable, such as the elderly or those who are ill. It also provides alerts for water or gas leakage, and it lets users set the lights and adjust the temperature before they return home.


HomeCoverPlan is a leader in smart home automation, providing customers with enhanced security, control, and monitoring of their homes even when they are out. For those who are interested in smart home automation and HomeCoverPlan’s services, go to

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