Sky Little Releases Yoga & Meditation Music Apps

Android app developer Sky Little has released their new yoga and meditation related app named the “Meditation Yoga Music” this new app will contain various smoothing and calming musical tracks suitable for meditation, yoga, Zen, Reiki and spa. People who practice yoga have been reaping the countless benefits of this 5000 year old physical, mental and spiritual discipline. Practicing yoga, meditation and Zen have many advantages not limited to only the physiological kind but also emotional and psychological. When yoga and meditation is combined with music the healing and soothing powers of both elements heightens. The Meditation Yoga Music app for android will allow people practicing yoga and meditation easy access to high quality soothing music that will uplift their meditation routine. Sky Little describe their new Meditation relax music app as:

“The app contains high quality music helps to gain greater awareness of many physiological functions. Allow yourself to be gently guided by the music, which can be used to improve health, performance, and the physiological changes that often occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts, emotions, and behavior. This is a unique selection of relaxing music excellent for meditation, yoga, zen, reiki, spa, mindfulness, study, stress relief, healing, breathing, focus, sleep.”

Yoga has outlasted most other health and fitness fads, it is a time tested physical, mental and spiritual discipline that is still in practice today by millions of people around the world, also the idea of combining yoga and music is not novel. Many Yoga and health experts advocate the use of music during yoga to achieve better results and a heightened sense of relaxation. But it is important to note that the proper selection of music during meditation and yoga is important. High tempo and loud music might not be the best choice during a yoga routine. Some experts believe that the wrong choice of music may even be harmful. The selection of music found in the Meditation Yoga Music app is also be suitable for people who need relaxation and stress removal through the power of music on the go due to its calming tempo and soothing rhythm.

In today’s age of the Smartphones and tablet computers have become our companions throughout the day. Now a smartphone or tablet pc is all one needs to connect to friends, take pictures n upload them, listen to music, play games, and manage their health and fitness routines on the same device. Meditation Yoga Music app has received over 55 five stars ratings on Google play and also multiple positive reviews from players. User Veronica Ruggiero writes:

“LOVE! I love Sky Little Apps. I recently installed another meditation/yoga app, and fell in love. When searching for more, I found this second app from the same maker. Downloaded it, and enjoy it just as much as the first one. Now I can mix and match the music, and never get bored with it. I even play this one when I’m having trouble falling asleep, and I find that it puts me right out within a few minutes. Great stuff!”

Other reviewers have also praised the selection of relaxing music available on the app. Fuad Muhammad writes in his 5 star rated review:

“Such a great stress remover! At first, I just wander around to see application to remove my stress. Then I bumped into this cool app. And I greatly recommend this app to you all! Very good, working smoothly on my device, never found any error! Satisfying!”

The relaxation music app can also be used by yoga instructors during classes. The Meditation Yoga Music app can be downloaded from: or

About Sky Little:

Sky Little is a team of avid mobile app developers, with interest to share the cutest gifts. They are currently based in Singapore.

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