Skin n Laser Center leading the way in dermatology in New Delhi

Renowned dermatologist in India, Dr. Sandesh Gupta, offering huge discounts on consultations via Skin n Laser Center

Dr. Sandesh Gupta is one of the most sought-after skin specialists in Delhi, with years of providing effective skincare solutions to the people of Delhi and surrounding cities. Dr. Sandesh’s Skin n Laser Center as part of the company’s goals of making effective skin care solution accessible to everyone has announced a 50% discount offer on all first consultations.

The skin is important to the body, serving its primary purpose as a sense organ and also ensuring the individual is as attractive as possible. However, effective and healthy skin treatment options are not readily available to everyone, and this is where the likes of Dr. Sandesh and the Skin n Laser Center have stood out from the crowd.

Dr. Sandesh has been largely described by many as a leading dermatologist in Delhi and has consistently helped the people of Delhi and surrounding cities achieve their desired skin via the wide range of services offered by Skin n Laser Center.

The center uses the latest technology combined with the expertise of the skin specialist in Delhi to provide lasting solutions to many of the skin challenges experienced by people in Delhi. Some of the many treatment options offered by Skin n Laser Center include cosmetic surgery, laser hair removal, vitiligo treatments, and hair transplant.

Skin n laser center is equipped with all types of high-quality lasers such as Light Sheer Diode Laser, Acupulse Fractional Co2 laser (from Lumenis USA), Q Switch NdYag laser. Other facilities available at Skin n Laser Center include UVA/UVB therapy, Lavatron RF, Viora reaction, Dermaroller, P.R.P therapy, and vitiligo surgeries.

With Skin n Laser regarded as India’s most advanced skin center in Delhi for skin and hair problems, the 50% discount makes it even more affordable to get a healthy and beautiful skin.

More information about the skin care center and Dr.Sandesh Gupta can be found on the website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

About Skin n Laser Center

Skin n Laser Center was founded in 2003 by Dr. Sandesh Gupta, a leading skin specialist in Delhi. The center was primarily established to provide solutions to all skin, hair and nail problems. Skin n Laser Center is a super specialty cosmetology & Laser clinic, which offers a comprehensive range of world-class diagnostic, therapeutic and aesthetic dermatological services.

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