Sixlinx Technologies aids United Nations in empowering The Kimberley Process

The Kimberly Process is a certification scheme established in 2003 by a United Nations resolution, following a series of reports which first exposed the link between the diamond trade and the financing of conflict.

Blood diamonds, and the harrowing stories behind them, entered public consciousness more than a decade ago. But while attitudes towards how gems are sourced have shifted, in practice little has changed in the jewellery industry. The very system set up to eradicate the trade in conflict diamonds is now giving the industry a perfect cover story, as it continues to operate in the same opaque way it always has.

The so called “conflict or blood diamonds” are widely used to finance civil and inter-ethnic wars in Africa, the activities of terrorist groups. According to two non-governmental organizations, Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada, there is evidence proving this kind of situation in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra-Leone, and Liberia.

The process has one main flaw. A Kimberley Process certificate does not apply to an individual stone but to a batch of rough diamonds which are then cut and shipped around the world. Without a tracking system, this is where the trail ends.

If a consumer went into almost any jeweller in the world and asked for the origin of a diamond on display, staff would most be most unlikely to be able confirm which country, let alone the mine, it was sourced from.

This is where Sixlinx Technologies steps in. The technology firm has effectively taken diamond traceability to a revolutionary level, transforming the diamond industry for the better. Through blockchain technology, Sixlinx Technologies is able to digitize every diamond onto a decentralized ledger, thereby enabling its source of origin to be determined by various parties including the buyer.

Sixlinx Technologies is working towards the creation of a more trustworthy Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and aiding the United Nations in the deterrence of blood diamonds to curb the financing of rebel violence.

CEO of Sixlinx Technologies, Will Kingston, commented, “In the eyes of the world, the diamond blockchain is a huge step forward for the entire blockchain ecosystem. What is perceived by many as simply an innovative tool for recording information, will now be able to solve what has been a global predicament that has lasted almost 40 years.”

He concluded, “Blockchain Technology will single-handedly shut down the main funding for war in violent regions associated with conflict diamonds and give new empowerment to our peace-keeping partners in the United Nations and their Kimberley Process.”

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