Six attentively factors about the tractor using in high temperature summer season

Nov 21, 2014 – China – Today, the famous China Harvester and tractor manufacturer and exporter Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd will tell each consumer the attentively point about the using of tractor during the high temperature summer season.

First, please carefully handle the boil situation for the cooling water of Tractor. The correct approach could be concluded as below. First, let the engine be in the middle speed operation. Secondly, open the radiator cap and release heat gas. Thirdly, adding the cold water after period of time of cooling. During the above processes, the operator should stand upwind position when they open the radiator cap and they should not let their face toward the water adding outlet to avoid being ejected scalding by hot water and gas.

Second, during the summer season, the cooling system of the tractor will bear very huge burden. In this case, the operator for the tractor need to clean cooling system thoroughly and let the pump and radiator become flowing to ensure the normal circulation of cooling water. In addition, operators should also clean weeds and other items that buildup on the radiator surface in a timely manner.

Thirdly, the operator for tractor should also note that the belt fan tension. If the fan belt is too loose, it will be easy to slip and then the operating speed of fan and pump will decline. If the belt is too tightly, the bearing load will be too large and the phenomenon of belt wear and tear will be greatly increased. The general requirement is that people could press the central point of with the thumb and the belt sag amount is within the range of 10 mm to 15 mm. This is the normally situation.

Fourthly, each tractor operator should also know about the proper using of thermostat device of the tractor which includes the thermostats, thermal curtains and blinds. Some drivers think that the water temperature as low as possible during the hot summer days and these drives often remove the thermostat removed. To do so, when it is in the cold start, it will greatly extend the engine warm-up time and then accelerate the wear and tear of parts. Therefore, the thermostat should not be removed during the summer season.

Fifthly, the operator for the tractor should also make the good selection of suitable fuels during the high temperatures summer season. As the high temperature during summer holiday, people could adopt the diesel fuel with high pour point. In addition, they should pay particular attention to prevent fuel system leakage, which will not only cause into the fuels waste, but also may cause the fire accident. On the other hand, they should also choose the summer used lubricating oil and grease.

Sixthly, the famous enterprise of agricultural machinery supplier Zoomlion Heavy Machinery which supplies high quality harvester for sale also recommend with each tractor operator to note the battery maintenance in the summer. During the summer season, the battery electrolyte water will easily evaporate so people should pay more attention to adjust the battery electrolyte density into small value and these temporarily unused battery should be stored in the place where own the advantages of cool and well ventilated.

If tractor operator could strictly obey all factors above, their tractors will not occur any failure during the summer season.

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