Six aspects teach each people choose high class ceramic kitchen knife

Nov 7, 2014 – China – The market for ceramic kitchen knife is very mixed. Most of consumers do not know which one is real and which one is false. Then, learning some basically knowledge about how to identify the ceramic knife is so crucial. Today, the famous Ceramic pocket knife supplier XIAMEN FUBOONTEC CO., LTD will introduce with people six factors for identifying the true or false of this product.

Look at the surface

The high-quality ceramic knife often owns the smooth surface without blemishes. The touch feeling for this knife is very comfortable. The low quality ceramic knife often does not has the smooth surface but with more stain on its surface. On the other hand, the phenomenon of gray dots, cracks, pinholes and others are also very commonly on the surface of the ceramic knife.

Look at the cutting edge

The cutting edge of the high quality wooden handle ceramic knife is bright, fine and uniform. The low quality ceramic knife’s blade line is very thick and wide uneven with intermittent.

Look at the details

The real high quality ceramic knife has very finely details. Its knife blade and tip has been carefully polished and rounded handle which could effectively avoid the phenomenon of hurt hand.

Look Material

The raw material of ceramic knife is zirconia powder. The high quality ceramic knife usually uses the ceramic particles with relatively large diameter therefore the cutting edge will show the significant jagged. Furthermore, the zirconia used for producing the high quality ceramic knife also own relatively high purity which makes the blade be looked very translucent and rounded. While the poor ceramic knives use the zirconia power with the aluminum powder, the blade of this product has very dull light and even black spots.

Touch the blade

Under the premise of ensuring safety, people could lightly press the blade of the ceramic knife with their finger nail. The high-quality ceramic knife will not have the fracture phenomenon. However, the poor quality ceramic knives will occur the cracking situation when the cutting edge bears little pressure.

Test sharply level

Using the ceramic knife to cut the paper, good ceramic knife could not only own very smoothly cutting process but also can cut the paper into very final parts. The badly ceramic knives will let each user feel obvious sense block.

Knowing all factors above, each consumer should easily find one set of high quality ceramic kitchen knife for their family using.


Fuboontec is one of the most professional ceramic knife manufactory in China. FUBOONTEC is a kitchen supplies division of FUBOON INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD, which company is specialized in production of High-Tech Ceramic Knife and kitchen tools, the products include ceramic knives, ceramic peeler, ceramic scissors and ceramic sharpeners, super mixer, slicer, wine related products and other kitchen supplies.

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