Sinosel, an online marketing site that makes brands to be widely recognized

April 6th, 2018 As the e-commerce market gradually matures, consumers are becoming more and pickier. That is why Sinosel decided to be different´╝Ü


  1. Designing: Many Sinosel products are originally designed or improved. Which makes their products obviously different with other products found in the market, but more beautiful and useful.

  1. Top manufacturers: Sinosel factories are the original manufacturers of a lot of top famous brands in the world. World’s tier one in manufacturing, engineering, management.

Same manufacturer of MK:

  1. Quality control: Sinosel also has their own restrictions on industrial materials, sewage treatment, and Labor welfare.

  1. Teamwork: Sinosel team travel to the industrial material production base by themselves. Following up closely from the material choice to design, sampling, etc.

  1. Cost + tax + shipping pricing strategy: No exorbitant brand premium.

  1. Certificating: most of the Sinosel products have formal quality certificates from authoritative labs. They can even send the certified copies to customers when requested.

  1. 100% pre-shipment inspection: Sinosel do 100% pre-shipment inspection to make sure the product is shipped in good condition.

MAKE GOOD LIFE NOT SO EXPENSIVE! That’s what Sinosel wants to bring to the customers in the world. A good slogan should tell what they can do for the customer.

Earnest, devotion and the craftsmanship spirit from better to better is the key to making the company and products active long in the market. Sinosel is growing in the international market and continues to grow their presence.

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