Simpo Chopsticks Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Their Bespoke Chopsticks Project

Anson Wong announces takes to Kickstarter to finance his latest project, Simpo Chopsticks.

Anson Wong, an industrial designer, successful entrepreneur and founder of, has announced that he has launched a Kickstarter campaign for funding Simpo Chopsticks project. Simpo chopsticks are one of the best quality chopsticks available and made of environmental friendly materials.

“We are delighted to be back on Kickstarter to fund our latest venture, Simpo Chopsticks,” says Anson Wong while providing more details about the venture and funding process. “Simpo chopsticks are different because they satisfy all key quality parameters and environmentally friendly as well. It does not contain any chemicals and is 100% natural.”

There are hundreds of varieties of chopsticks available on the market, both generic and branded. Simpo chopsticks is committed to set the quality standards in chopsticks by using environmental friendly and sustainable materials and a manufacturing process that ensures perfect finishing.

Simpo chopsticks are made of high quality sustainable hardwoods and finished with 100% pure Tung oil in multiple coats. The final coating is done with Beeswax. The best part is that they are not overtly decorated and no harmful chemicals are used at any stage of the manufacturing process. The pricing is also affordable so that everyone can buy high quality chopsticks at the most competitive price.

The back to basics design philosophy of Simpo Chopsticks ensures that they are not unnecessarily industrialized and complicated. Simple design and high functionality is the core of this unique brand of chopsticks. The design process takes into consideration traditions as well as modern day knowledge and combines them to create the best chopstick available today. Quality and affordability have been maintained by incorporating the latest manufacturing technologies and processes.

According to Anson Wong, most of the chopsticks sold on the market do not specify details such as the quality of wood or finishes used because there is no standardization. They do not even mention that the chopsticks are food safe which is a basic requirement. Customers are probably unaware that the chopsticks they use with their sumptuous meal could be a health hazard. Simpo chopsticks bring accountability and transparency with its brand as they very clearly specify all the details. The chopsticks they create come with the unmistakable mark of quality and trust.

Another key advantage the Simpo chopsticks enjoys over others is that these are bespoke chopsticks but without the premium price tag. The brand is cheaper over the nearest comparable bespoke chopstick brand by over 20 per cent. This is achieved by leveraging the latest technologies that helps improve quality while reducing production time. The company is on a mission to create a chopstick brand that becomes the standard chopsticks for every family.

Simpo Chopsticks has set a financial goal of raising CA$ 3,000 through their Kickstarter campaign. The deadline is 8 August, 2017.

About Simpo Chopsticks:

Simpo Chopsticks is a venture by entrepreneur Anson Wong with the mission of creating the finest brand of chopsticks that can be used safely by every family. The high quality chopsticks are made of sustainable hardwoods and come with the best finish. The bespoke chopsticks are easily affordable.

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