Silver Phoenix Entertainment launches Kickstarter campaign for comic book A History of Police in America

Popular creator of informational and niche, high concept entertainment comic books, Silver Phoenix Entertainment announces the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of its latest comic book, “A History of Police in America”

Silver Phoenix has launched a Kickstarter campaign targeted at raising $6,000 for the printing and free distribution of “A History of Police in America”. Silver Phoenix aims to print and distribute at least a million copies of the book to be distributed to as many as possible comic shops, schools, and every police precinct possible.

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The primary aim of the comic book is to empower readers and ensure a better understanding of how cultural perceptions of law enforcement came to be. Set in the present day and with a multicultural female protagonist, the book take a look at the different issues the American police has faced over the last two centuries, especially how the law enforcement agency has been able to resolve these issues with help from the public.

The book dates back as far as the sixties, looking at the development of American law enforcement. The 24-page comic book tells the story of the police with a multicultural female protagonist, Janet, from a family of police officers who hopes to stop the family tradition of being a cop due to the bad reputation the law enforcement agency has garnered over the years.

The innovative comic group with amazing graphical content takes readers the eyes of Everett, Janet’s great-grandfather, looking at the family’s emigration from Ireland in the 1880’s and his journey before joining the police.

The book aims to provide a blueprint for solving the complicated law enforcement issues that exist today. With the public understanding why the police do what they do in the way they do it, the book aims to begin a constructive discussion about the police and how they can work with the public to ensure a safer and happier society.

6 of the 24 pages have been drawn, lined, colored and lettered, with the donation hoped to help in completing the remaining 18 pages. The comic upon completion will be used as a template for law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve to show how both sides can work toward stronger community relations and public safety.

The funds raised in the campaign will be used for the purchase of materials for the comic which include the printing cost and costs for shipping the finished comics. With an illustrious team of creative minds like Joseph Fitzgerald of The Peele Group, Brian K. Morris of Silver Phoenix and Jeffrey Moy doing the artwork, part of the funds will also be used to pay the staff. Other members of the team include Tom Kelly doing the cover and Dominique Whitney, the alternate cover comic book artist for the Spanish version.

About Silver Phoenix Entertainment

Silver Phoenix Entertainment is an independent comic book publisher led by Charles D. Moisant, a comic book artist, writer, and the creative director of Silver Phoenix Entertainment. Silver Phoenix Entertainment has worked with several artists and creators of comics including Myth Told Tales by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye, Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre, and Whispers from the Void.

About The Peele Group

The Peele Group is a law enforcement consulting firm that works with local, county and state law enforcement agencies offering a wide range of services focusing on overall strategic planning, leadership development and change management.

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