Significance of Vastu Shastra in House Planning and Interior Design

Whatever you think about Vastu that whether it’s important for house plans or interior design or not, but most of us while designing the plans and doing the interior designs considers vastu compliance like suitable directions for house entrance, for kitchen, for Bedrooms, for stairs, for store, etc.

The significance is increasing day by day and creating its own values and impacts on the construction of residential projects. Vastu in the house plans leads to peace, prosperity, happiness within home owners and his family members. By following useful construction principle guided by Vasstu helps us to finish the dream home project perfectly.

Most of the architects or online architecture platforms used traditional principles for planning and construction. This doesn’t means they are wrong but if on the same cost you are getting good house plans and construction details based on latest principles and techniques, then why to compromise. The house plans based on latest trends and techniques can helps you to save cost of construction too.  Online House plan Consultants works on:

  1. most effective vastu tips
  2. latest trends,
  3. updated software for good renderings,
  4. does open discussion,
  5. more inclined to customer satisfaction,
  6. suggesting cost effective techniques,
  7. provides detailed drawings of each and every thing,
  8. guide you with vastu impacts and remedies,
  9. Options to choose the plans and elevations,   

You can choose any of the design on the online platform or consultant or experienced architects to consultant for house designs.

Importance of Indian house plans as per vastu

Major Vastu works on the positive and negative energies which produces magnetic forces. This magnetic force has great impact in our lives. For example, the vastu tips for designing 30×50 Indian house plans, The vastu science is the essential factor in creating a perfect balance between the environmental natural energies including solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy and many more. The houses are generally planned on the basis of the vastu principles for the well-preservation of the positive vibes and energies within the homely environments.

Things to be considered in Indian house plans:

Now days, the interior designs, floor plan layouts and exterior elevation, almost all the residential house in India are highly dependent on the basic principles of vastu shastra.

Some common considerations are:

  1. The east and North directions are determined as the most suitable directions for the house layouts.
  2. West or south direction is highly suitable for planning the bedrooms within the residential houses.
  3. The house must be positioned in the south direction in order to enjoy the maximum prosperity and harmonious living.

If you want to collect more and more information about the basic principles, importance and benefits of the vastu science in home construction, then you can take the help of internet for making thorough online research about the same or enquire us at or visit

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