Shires Law’s compensation calculator helps prospective clients get the answers needed for claims

Whilst there may be a number of personal injury solicitors operating in the UK, Shires Law distinguishes itself with the kind of personalised yet professional service it provides. For those who are seeking answers regarding compensation, Shires Law makes it easier by providing clients with a compensation calculator readily available on its site.

UNITED KINGDOM – 15 Jun, 2018 – The services offered by a law firm like Shires Law are invaluable to those who are thinking of filing a claim for personal injury, whether it’s due to a road traffic accident, a workplace accident, a beauty treatment accident, a holiday accident, a slip or fall accident in a public place, or other. With Shires Law’s expert help, a lot of clients have already been able to get the compensation they want and need so they can move on with their lives.

At Shires Law, clients – both existing and potential clients – can get answers to some of their most important questions when it comes to compensation. With Shires Law’s own compensation calculator, which is readily available on its website, clients can get a much better idea of the compensation they may be able to receive based on whatever injury they have.

According to Shires Law, arm injuries can offer compensation from between £15,500 to as much as £242,500, depending on the severity and permanence of the injury. For example, a forearm fracture can be worth compensation of as much as £15,500, whilst an amputation can be worth compensation of up to £242,500. A back injury, on the other hand, can allow victims to receive compensation ranging from £10,100 (for a minor back injury with a complete recovery period of up to 5 years) to as much as £130,000 (for a severe back injury which has resulted in, for example, impaired ability or incontinence).

When it comes to leg and knee injuries, Shires Law has detailed answers regarding compensation as well. The compensation calculator of Shires Law confirms that leg injuries such as minor fractures and injuries to the soft tissue can be awarded compensation of up to £11,300, whilst more complex injuries such as the amputation of a victim’s two legs can result in compensation of as much as £227,900. The compensation calculator is a highly convenient tool for would-be and existing clients, and it can be accessed through the Shires Law website.

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Shires Law has made it its mission to provide clients with highly satisfactory services when it comes to claims for personal injury compensation for workplace accidents, beauty treatment accidents and injuries, road traffic accidents, and more. To know more about how to file beauty claims, visit the site of Shires Law.

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