SHHOONYA – A One-stop Design House Catering to both the ‘Physical and Virtual Worlds’

Shhoonya, an Interior Design and Digital Marketing firm based in North India launched its new digital presence recently. In doing so, the firm offers better approachability on the web to all those seeking advice on Interiors & Architecture or wanting to establish their online presence.

The founder of the firm Suparna Sharma says that her initiative was backed by her faith in the power of communication, connection and collaboration. Her determination to help people find their expression in the written as well as design world led her to establish teams that would cater to both these aspects of services. In her words, “We want to make an impact in both the physical and virtual spaces”.

She says that being a design and digital marketing firm based in north India has no limitations on the geographical expanse of their working sphere. Though just about a year old the firm has already successfully launched branding/web projects from across the globe and is executing Interior Design projects pan India.

The firm’s website ( is technologically advanced, mobile customized, and user-friendly. The teams were well aware of how technology drives the current era.

There is a dedicated team of social media management experts committed to managing the firm’s presence on various social media platforms. The social media platforms are meant to improve connectivity and make it easy for people to approach the firm for any work that they might have. People seeking assistance can expect to receive a quick and satisfactory response as the firm has a very proactive working environment.

Shhoonya is a young, dynamic and ambitious firm with a committed & a keen team that aims to assist people in creating their online presence or design their home or office. The core belief of the founder is EMPATHY, and she believes that this value will help her teams relate well to clients, understand their needs and bring a client’s dream into reality. Keeping up-to-date with the current market trends is something the teams are particular about. 

Branding is a must for every individual or firm seeking to grow in business and expand its sphere of working. Shhoonya is an enthusiastic digital marketing firm in north India that understands this need for systematic, sustained and widespread branding efforts for individuals and corporates.

Similarly, for physical spaces, every individual dreams of having a beautifully designed space irrespective of the size. Shhoonya aims at helping such people with their dreams and needs in the best way possible. Though it is an Interior Design firm based out of north India, the intent is to assist people all over the geographical domain of the country.

Suparna elaborated that the firm’s philosophy, working style and ambition is well reflected in the name itself. ‘Shhoonya’ denotes ‘Zero’ or ‘Nothingness’ – the Perfection, the Absolute, and the centre of all energy. It symbolizes a continual spirit of growth, beginning, energy, movement, and a journey towards perfection. She feels that every work starts with a point. In design, dots become lines which determine different elements of design. Similarly, in communication, points grow to words which help in expressing one’s emotions.

Speaking about the presentation and layout of the Website, Suparna explained that she wanted it to be a simple, honest, clearly written ‘conversation’ with the viewer/reader. This thought blends well with the company’s working approach – simplicity, clarity, transparency, and straightforward communication is what drives the team members’ interactions within the firm as well as with clients.

Shhoonya with its dynamic and diversified team aims at becoming a leading digital marketing firm in India and also establishing its niche as one of the best interior design firms in India. 

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