“Sheng Nu” In China – A Brief Study Of Then And Now

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Single? Above 27? Highly educated? Very successful? Well if these attributes all refer to a Chinese woman, she might be less than desired by men in China, itself. A little online search about unmarried Chinese women will familiarize you with the term ‘Sheng nu’. At its very base, Sheng nu refers to those Chinese women who have chosen to further their studies and gain economic independence before getting married. And by the time they accomplish these tasks, they are quite old according to the orthodox social standards and Chinese men usually do not prefer to get married to these women. Sheng nu literally translates to ‘leftover ladies’.

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A Brief History:

The term Sheng nu was first coined by the Women’s Federation in 2007. According to the common definition of ‘leftover women’, the term basically denotes the unmarried women over the age of 27. Then China’s Ministry of Education added the term to its official lexicon.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China (NBS) and state Census figures, around 1 in 5 women between the age of 25-29 remain unmarried. Whereas, the number of unwed men in that age range is noticeably higher – around 1 in 3. Around 4.6% women between the ages 35–39 stay unmarried. These figures and the stark comparison with neighboring countries with almost similar values have now bestowed China with some of the highest female marriage rates in the world. The social culture and traditions of China have definitely shed some new light on this issue.

The Social Pressure:

The so called ‘Sheng nu’ woman might be confident and attractive, and more than stable financially, yet as they cross the threshold of twenty eight, the pressure on them mounts to get married as soon as possible from family members as well as from state media. In fact, parents often take it upon themselves to set their daughters up for speed dating, which they hope will result in marriage. In fact many surveys have revealed that most Chinese women between the age of twenty five and thirty are forced to go on dates during the Lunar New Year Holiday. It would be wrong to say that the women are the only ones facing the social pressure to get married; men are too. Then again, women are the ones stuck with the raw deal. Unprecedented population concerns resulting from the highest sex ratio imbalance in the world as well as an ageing population, the Chinese ‘Sheng nu’ or ‘leftover women’ are facing an acute dearth of suitable partners.

The Upcoming Trend:

Love seldom is the result of such compulsion, especially when some native men are so reluctant to marry an elegant and educated lady, who is slightly older than what is perceived to be the right marriageable age by the society. This phenomenon also exists in countries outside of China. 

In China an increasing number of unmaried professional women are now taking charge of their own love lives and are interested in dating men hailing from different countries than their own. More and more online dating sites that aim to bring Chinese women and Western men closer are becoming successful. This is where the benefit of websites like ChnLove.com lies. These popular online international dating portals enable Chinese women to meet and date western men, who are relatively little more open minded than their Chinese counterparts. These websites have made it their mission to make international dating a whole lot easier for singles. More beneficial is the fact that the services of these websites are not just safe and easy-to-use, but also feature language-and-cultural-barrier-free services, like live chat, love call, video show, EMF mail, etc.

Love knows no boudaries. Cultural barrier really has very little to do in the matters of heart. They should matter even lesser when both parties have a common language to communicate in and are eager to know more about each other’s cultural heritage. And as they say, it’s a global village and many Chinese women find ways to look for love overseas; preferably the West where the increasing age or success of women do not render them any less desirable. In some cases, Chinese women who are successful and educated are therefore more likely to choose western men as their spouses and cultural barriers mean very little in this digitalized era. 

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