Sharing life experiences through ‘A View from the Top’

Longtime Woodbridge, VA resident co-authors the recently published book ‘A View from the Top – Vol 3’. “You can live your life, have fun, earn money and have a rewarding, fulfilling career. Honestly, that’s just smart living!” — Linda Montavon,Executive Unit Leader with Avon.

Foreword by Sheri McCoy, CEO, Avon Products Inc., this book is dedicated to the Avon representatives, direct sellers, entrepreneurs. “The stories in this book reflect the heart and soul of Avon.  In reading them you will see the strength of our business model and how it can provide financial freedom.  You will find inspiration in the personal stories of victories and setbacks.” — Sheri McCoy, Chief Executive Officer, Avon Products, Inc.

Published by Thrive Publishing, California, this book is the third installment of A View from the Top series in which Avon’s elite leaders share their experiences, their stories and their strategies to succeed in life.  The aim behind starting this book is the realization that the collective knowledge and experiences of already successful Avon leaders can be extremely valuable for those who are striving to succeed in their business.

It is interesting to note that Avon provides an opportunity for people to enhance their life with an Avon career. Reported advantages include lowest startup fee in beauty direct selling ($15), kit includes products worth $25, no minimum order, no sales quota, no long term contract-cancel any time, money back guarantee on products, value-priced products, philanthropic mission, long standing success and many more.

With nineteen chapters of experiences, success stories and strategies, this book aims at providing the shared knowledge and motivation to the reader to advance their career, improve their life and find their own path.  The leaders of Avon who co-authored this book share their life experiences, letting readers know how working with Avon, their determination and a will of making their own mark changed their life.

Two volumes of the same series have already been published & reportedly, the warm reception of the series resulted in this third volume. “This book is more than a collection of stories and strategies. It’s a testament to the profoundly life-sweetening experience one can achieve when opportunity is combined with passion and a dash of tenacity.  The contributors herein bring to life the wondrous journeys, and joyous destinations, that can await anyone who follows in their paths—road map included!  And, most certainly, this book is for everyone—regardless of their number of X chromosomes.”  — Len Clements, Founder and CEO, MarketWave, Inc.

The book gives an insight of how the journeys of these representatives started, how they managed to be where they are now, the problems they faced in their journeys and how they tackled them to be successful in life. These tips from these successful representatives are expected to be extremely helpful to others who are trying to bring a change in their lives.

If you are also inspired by the idea of this book & would like to learn from their rich experiences & success strategies, the book can be ordered through:, under the store tab, or over mail by submitting your name & address to

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