Shaan Kaye released debut EDM Album – “Leave A Legacy” Worldwide

Multi-talented singer and producer, Shaan Kaye, announces the release of EDM album titled “Leave A Legacy” with 5 bonus tracks including Reborn, Crave You, Undead, Gorgeous, and Blood Money!

Las Vegas – May 9th, 2018 – Shaan Kaye (SK) is a renaissance entrepreneur who has a deep passion for the various interests he pursues and he succeeds in all his endeavors, including being a singer, songwriter, album producer and entertainer. The Electronic dance music (EDM) artist and producer recently released his debut album titled Leave A Legacy, which has continued to increase in popularity and acceptance not only amongst lovers of EDM but also embraced by lovers of good music across the globe.

Electronic Dance Music, popularly known as club music or EDM, encompasses different genres of music particularly made for raves, festivals, and nightclubs. EDM has continued to grow in popularity in recent times, evolving from its early days in the nineties to the “new school” EDM that seems to be rebranding the American rave culture.  Shaan Kaye is one of the creative minds in the industry that looks to be a part of this amazing stride.

Growing up as a musician, SK was inspired by Michael Jackson, producing dance and pop music. He, however, went back to his calling of making melodious and electrifying EDM, which led to the launch of his project, an EP titled “Gorgeous.” His talent and ingenuity were quickly noticed, with the catchy and emotional first single off the EP, “Oh My Love,” featuring Scott Vera, stealing the show at clubs and gatherings.

SK eventually released his debut album on March 1st, 2018, with the album receiving massive acceptance and airplay from music lovers and radio stations across the globe with hit singles like Aftermath, Vegas Nights, Reborn, Undead and Crave You helping to solidify Shaan’s position as a musical talent. Currently available on different digital platforms, the album already has helped Shaan to grow his fan base to over 100,000 from different regions worldwide.

Leave A Legacy is a new, exciting release from Shaan Kaye. His work and vision are absolutely remarkable, as he set out to create stunning productions filled with modern EDM references. His sound echoes the work of forward-thinking performers, including the late great AVICII, KSHMR or Tiesto, just to mention a few. You can expect a lush, direct and deep atmosphere with groove pumping for days and melodies that won’t get out of your head easily.

Besides the really great arrangement and composition, “Leave A Legacy” is outstanding because of its groundbreaking production value. The mixes are well-balanced and the song is a perfect recipe for the dance floor. With such dense low and silky highs, you just can’t go wrong.

“The album has a beautiful mix of melody and EDM. Good music, and songs are addictive, helps to unwind after a hectic day at work. “The goal of any artist/music producer is to produce original, engaging musical experiences that elevate one’s soul while allowing dancers to express themselves on the dance floor. SK does just that hands down and so much more with the release of his Leave a Legacy Album!  Whether you love Hip Hop, House of Trap – Please get this album! You’ll thank me later,” says Shabba-Doo, Hip Hop Icon.

“The musical production on this album is stellar – “Aftermath” and “Win The World” are my favorites. If you’ve ever been broken-hearted, you’ll know that the feeling you get from these songs clearly speaks to that, and SK does a fine job of making sure that the message gets across. What an excellent piece of work has been released on the world. I highly recommend this artist, and truly enjoyed listening to Leave A Legacy Album again and again,” says Stephanie Dalton, Music World.

The album is available on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. More information about the album and Shaan Kaye can also be found on the website, Facebook

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About Shaan Kaye

Shaan Kaye (SK) is a producer and artist with a focus on edgy dance music. Hailing from Las Vegas, this driven performer set out to create a personable sound that blurs the lines between genres as diverse as Big Room, Trap, Prog and House, just to mention a few. His sound is characterized by multi-layered productions that make for rich and nuanced tracks. Shaan pays close attention to every aspect of his releases, from the punch of the low end to the cinematic feel of his hooks. Listen to his releases, including his recent studio album, “Leave A Legacy” and you will continue to stay hooked to his amazing music.

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