SF Expo Sells Lighting for Home and Business

SF Expo sells a variety of LED lights for residential, commercial and industrial use. Consumers can buy products for almost any aspect of their lives that requires lighting, including for cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, trailers and motorcycles.

The lighting experts at SF Expo help consumers choose lighting that will create the mood and look they want in their homes. Advisors guide business owners in selecting functional lighting that will also impress customers. The commercial accent lighting it sells includes sign lighting modules and T8 tube replacement bulbs. Among its accent-lighting products are flexible strip lights, light tubes and pre-wired lights and bolts. For industrial use, the company sells wall-pack lighting, parking lot lights and high-bay lighting.

Included in the company’s inventory for cars are daytime running lights, headlamps, brake lights, replacement bulbs, emergency strobes, tail lights and vehicle accent lights. For motorcycles, it sells accent lighting, lights for license plates and replacement bulbs. For off-road vehicles, consumers can purchase straight or curved light bars and work lights.

Many buyers make the switch from compact fluorescent bulbs and incandescent lights to LED lighting because it produces up to 20 percent more light at a cost that may be 10 times less than the older kinds of lighting. Whereas compact fluorescent and incandescent lighting emits light in all directions, LED lighting is unidirectional, which saves energy.

SF Expo sells many lighting products representing over 90 brands. Its specialty products include a multifunctional Bluetooth smart LED bulb with speaker that functions with iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets and a solar-powered outdoor garden landscape light.

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