Sentinel, the Decentralized VPN App which recently signed a major partnership with SID Limited, is offering 500 SENT tokens to people who download the dVPN App by October 8th

Sentinel is a multi-protocol network based on a decentralized global infrastructure with properties like immutability, pseudonymity and global consensus. The network’s dVPN app is available for free download on Google Play store and currently, offering an Airdrop of 500 SENT to those who download the app and use at least 100 MB of data. It’s an exciting opportunity for the people to use a robust dVPN based on the promising blockchain technology and get free SENT tokens by downloading the app until October 8th, 2018.

By creating a decentralized VPN network, Sentinel overcomes the shortcomings of traditional, 3rd party VPN providers where the encryption and routing protocols are not open-source or provable. Sentinel network, on the other hand, allows the users and applications to access a global distributed services and resources marketplace. The users can download the Sentinel dVPN app for free to encrypt their online activity and protect their private data from hackers or snoopy advertisers. Using this network, they will be able to enjoy decentralized global connectivity along with high-performance speed and secure access to streaming websites, censored content and social networks without the risk of data theft or privacy breach.

Sentinel Network features a range of services built upon a distributed resources protocol layer, one of which is the decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN) that allows the users to mask their Internet traffic through series of high-bandwidth nodes. The ‘Token Swap’ feature enables the user to purchase SENT tokens privately to access all kinds of services on the Sentinel network. The users can sell their unutilized computing resources in the marketplace to become a resource node, which will allow them to earn their native SENT token in return for contributing network bandwidth and other resources by hosting a service node for the dVPN service.

Sentinel also recently signed a major partnership with SID Limited which operates as a decentralized autonomous global internet sharing platform. SID (Share Internet Data) is a peer-to-multi-peer decentralized internet sharing platform that allows sharing internet from one person’s smartphone to another nearby in an automated manner.

As stated by SID’s CTO, Santosh Yellajosula, “To demonstrate our commitment to user privacy, especially in public Wi-Fi networks, we have partnered with Sentinel – an interoperable network layer for distributed services. This partnership can potentially lead to a new generation of decentralized privacy enhancing apps built on top of SID and Sentinel’s decentralized infrastructure.”

Under the SID-Sentinel partnership, the SENT token will be a part of the SID token economy and will be utilized as a privacy layer for users accessing the SID network, thereby exposing Sentinel’s node hosts to a broader scope and scale of utilization. SID’s crowdsourced internet sharing will also provide Internet connectivity to less fortunate members of society and offer an extra layer of security via integration of the Sentinel dVPN. The SID Limited partnership marks a major milestone for the Sentinel project because SID has already proven themselves as one of the foremost authorities in the Internet Sharing space by forming partnerships with well-known International companies like Dunkin Donuts.

Use the following link to Download the FREE Sentinel dVPN App from the Google Play Store and claim Free SENT Tokens via Airdrop:

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