Seniors can Save in Double Digit Figures by Comparison Shopping while Choosing Medicare Supplement Insurance in California

Clearwater, FL – A simple act of comparison shopping can bring in double digit savings on Medicare Supplement Insurance in California, as revealed by an eHealth Analysis. Both men and women can save upwards of 39% on Medicare Supplement Plans, the survey has revealed.

Medicare Supplement Plan premiums can range between $93 for Plan A to $279 for Plan F for applicants who are 65 years old. This survey looked at 68 zip codes and came up with surprising findings. By simply comparing options at, a 65 year old could enroll for Medicare Supplement Plan A, N or F and save 39 percent on the monthly premium using the lowest cost plan. The findings can be read in the report published by eHealth, Inc.

The survey also looked at monthly premiums of Plan F, Plan N and Plan A. It analyzed eHealth’s call centers for non-smoking men and women across 68 zip codes. In all cases, the survey reported that seniors could save over $100 each month.

For instance, using a Medicare Supplement Plan F, a woman could save 42 percent average if she reviewed all options and went for the lowest premium, while men could save 44 percent. Similarly, reviewing of all options could enable a woman to save 52 percent on Medicare Supplement Plan A, while a man could save 54 percent, both opting to choose a plan with the lowest premium.

Usually, Plan F attracts around 40 percent of all applicants enrolled in Medicare Supplement plans, making it the most popular. Plan A and  N are by comparison less popular, attracting around 5 percent enrollments, as revealed by figures from 2010.

“Seniors need not be experts in health insurance. But when they do a comparison of plans and options while choosing Medicare Supplement Plans, they can understand the differences in prices and benefits and get the best deal,” said eHealth CEO Scott Flanders.

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