Semi Active Monitoring aims to bring a new era of home security

Semi Active Monitoring is created by a team of skilled and experienced IT professionals who observed a need for better home security systems pertaining to the multiple cases of murders, robbery, home invasions and other terrible instances of security breach.

The system uses a network of Android-based devices enrolled into a secure, encrypted private network. The system lets the homeowner assign a ‘safe word’ to trigger the system whenever there is an unsafe or threatening situation.

Once the system receives any sign of danger, it launches a series of countermeasures to protect the homeowner and other family members. The system uses forces of bright focused lights, loud alarm screamers and even tasers mounted into the home ceilings thus, giving the family members a chance to escape from the dangerous situation and allowing the law enforcement personnel to control the suspect or assailant.

With increasing number of cases of home invasions and newspapers filled with stories of robbery, death of multiple family members, mass murders in public places and educational institutions, the makers came up with this idea to create a system which could potentially give people a chance to save themselves from a fatal situation and also give police the desired time to reach to the location and control the situation.

A lot of people also own a firearm to handle such situations but this method is not always feasible for everyone, especially when there are children around in the house. The current security and monitoring systems available in the market can notify the police about an intruder in the house but do not actually protect the members from an ongoing assault but SAM promises to do just that.

The semi active monitoring can also be a boon to homes with elderly members or people with any disability or mental ailment. The system allows the members to fight back in a dangerous situation and escape to save them which ensures a feeling of security in their mind.

With an aim to offer this software and design plans to the homeowners for free and at a low cost to the commercial business owners, the makers have started a crowd funding campaign on Gofundme to further develop and produce the final product. The aim is to raise @1,250,000 through this campaign which will be utilized in development, production and distribution of the final product. The amount will also be used to hire additional staff while the project is estimated to be ready in one year. The project has the potential to bring new revolution in home security, and moreover, it is planned to be offered for free!

For those who can’t contribute at the moment can share the campaign on social media and through word of mouth. 


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