Self Knowledge Key to Transformative Wisdom

When Christina Vondell faced negative experiences that might have devastated some, she chose instead to Rewrite Love and face the world with a positive approach. The end result was a journey of love, healing and inspiration.

Rewrite Love is an insightful and humorous book that takes you on a journey through life’s high and lows.

Christina Vondell writes with an open heart about her relationships, divorces, children, and experiences with many topics such as Reiki, energy cleaning, Filipino healers, past lives regression therapy, Resonance Repatterning, dream therapy as well as circle thinking, psychic powers, the law of attraction, coincidences and accidents, random acts of kindness, and soul mates. 

The book is woven throughout with poems and thought provoking situations that compels the reader to be tap into their own inner knowledge and inspires us to open up to new experiences and changes in our lives.

Dee Cora sums it up nicely, “Rewrite Love takes you on a spiritual journey of the heart.  Christina’s story is woven with passion, humor and poetry.  She paints a colorful portrait of each relationship and shows us the emotional contrast between new love and love lost. Each lesson learned is aligned with transformative wisdom. Ultimately, Rewrite Love reminds us that our own journey is not so much about understanding the opposite sex, as it is about, understanding ourselves.” 

Christina Vondell grew up in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Vondell attended classes at Montgomery County Community College, and the Lansdale School of Business. Christina Vondell has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1983. She started her own multi-service business in 1990, as a personal assistant. In 1994 she became interested in metaphysical subjects and the healing arts. Vondell pursued these ongoing interests, and took classes at New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, and became a Reiki Master. When Vondell raised her eldest son, she sought after practical tools to navigate her life with. In doing so, she found answers to matters of the heart, and learned how to tap into her own inner wisdom. Poetry was picked back up during this time that had flowed naturally since childhood. The book, Rewrite Love is a collection of stories, experiences and wisdom acquire during the time when Vondell explored the: healing arts, metaphysical topics, dating after divorce and raising her son. The poetry woven throughout the book reflects the nuisance of these experiences. Vondell’s other pursuits are traveling, photography, and county western dancing. 

The book officially launches in early December at

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