Seating Concepts Continues Offering Industry-Leading Selection of Fixed Seating Arrangements

High-Quality, Unique & Customizable Fixed Seating from Seating Concepts

Seating Concepts is the industry leader for high-quality, fixed seating arrangements of all types and for all venues. They produce a wide range of products, all of which can be entirely customized to match a specific look, purpose, application, or venue. Plus, they continue to make innovative products with exciting new designs and features. 

Fixed seating choices from Seating Concepts include targeted products for cinemas, theatres, civic venues, educational buildings, lecture halls, places of worship and performing art centers. Their products range from budget-friendly to high-end, luxurious models, replete with a range of creature comforts and the best materials.

All of their chairs can be customized from colors and patterns, fabrics and materials, sizing and dimensions, and additional accessories. These include everything from aisle lighting to arm rests, lettering and plaques, to stitching patterns and logos, and so much more. This level of personalization ensures that every venue creates its unique identity.

Seating Concepts also understands the need to continue offering exciting new products, features, and capabilities. This is particularly true for clients who own movie theatres or other entertainment venues, where specialty offerings can help their business stand out from the crowd and increase their return on investment.

That’s why Seating Concepts offers a range of cutting-edge, unique technology that can help any business become more attractive to potential customers. This includes electronic recliner chairs, service call buttons, snack trays and swivel-dining tables. They even provide integrated sound wave vibrations that are installed into the seating itself. This cutting-edge approach was brought to life with their new Tremor FX cinema chair, offering a wonderful and immersive experience.

Seating Concepts is dedicated to providing the highest quality of tailor-made solutions for each and every client. They are also known for their attention to detail and customer service. Whether it’s overhauling an existing facility with a new fixed seating installation, or helping consult on a wonderful new facility from the ground up, Seating Concepts can help any venue reach a specific goal or milestone.

Call 800.868.8464 to speak with a representative for more information or visit to view the entire product catalog and learn more about their fantastic selection of fixed seating arrangements. 

About Seating Concepts

Seating Concepts has been providing world-class service and seating solutions to satisfy the needs of their clients for more than 85 years. They provide versatile and unique seating arrangements for theaters, churches, cinemas, lecture halls, and much more. Seating Concepts provides quality, comfort, and a great selection to make that next performance, service, show, event, or assembly better than ever. For more information, call 800.868.8464 or visit

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