schemberTRU’s posture corrector continues to get positive reviews

California, USA – June 11th, 2018 – Unique posture corrector from leading lifestyle product manufacturer, schemberTRU, garners positive reviews from users.

The newly-launched 2018 edition of the schemberTRU posture corrector has continued to increase in popularity and acceptance, with testimonials coming from different users across the globe. schemberTRU launched the updated edition of its posture corrector on Amazon a couple of days ago and it has since received accolades from different users, thanks to its uniqueness and effectiveness.

Over the years, people have increasingly neglected their posture, which has led to several health issues, while also having some psychological effects on such individuals. While different solutions have been proffered for this phenomenon, many of such solutions have either failed to address the issue effectively or have led to even more inconvenience for users. This is where schemberTRU’s updated posture corrector is particularly unique and helpful.

Some of the unique features and benefits of the improved posture corrector include providing effective and quick neck, shoulder, and upper back pain relief. The corrector is also designed to help users maintain the right posture for the long-term, helping to straighten the back by building muscle memory that will last for long after removing the back brace.

The discreetness and comfort of the brace are features that make it even more versatile, allowing users to wear it all through the day whether in the gym, at work, or in the house.

“With over 10 years in the posture correction field, schemberTRU’s posture corrector comes to the market years ahead of the competition in expertise and effectiveness,” says Jenn Emberly Co-founder of Schember Co.

Accolades have flooded the internet, attesting to the effectiveness of the corrector. “Wow! I absolutely love this posture corrector! I bought it on a whim, and have noticed a difference almost immediately! After noticing that both my parents started to slouch, and feeling like my own posture was declining now that I’m getting a little older, I started getting worried and wanted to be proactive. Who wants a hunched back???!!! Not me. Although it took a little while to get used to the feel (probably because I was starting to slouch), the results have been amazing. My back (and my abs!) feels stronger, and I actually feel taller and more confident. My husband noticed as well and decided to try it and now he’s going to order one for himself. Try it! You’ll love it!” says Jacquie O.

The protector is currently available on Amazon and more information about the product can be found on the website.

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