schemberTRU offers “the perfect gift” for active dads

California, USA – June 11th, 2018 – Leading personal protective equipment maker, schemberTRU, provides “the perfect gift” for active daddies that want more flexibility

The schemberTRU posture corrector has been described as probably the best gift that can be given to any dad that is active especially on the golf course and would want to improve his golf swing with a more flexible spine and posture. The posture corrector has gained popularity in recent times, particularly with the launch of its updated version by schemberTRU.

Bad posture is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon, no thanks to the negligence of people and the sedentary lifestyle that seems to have become a norm. With research showing the several effects of bad posture, it has become imperative for people to correct this phenomenon, leading to the emergence of several solutions. However, many of such solutions are either not effective or are relatively expensive. The advent of schemberTRU’s posture corrector has however signaled a revolution, allowing users to wear the corrector anywhere and everywhere including on the golf course.

Many of the posture correctors in the market come with thin, painful straps that make it difficult for people to have it on for a long time. However, the schemberTRU posture corrector even while playing golf, allowing wearers to win more games by helping to improve their swing with a more flexible spine and posture.

The schemberTRU posture corrector does not only help to improve the wearer’s golf swing but has also been discovered to relieve pain, raise energy levels, improve blood circulation, and oxygen intake. Other benefits of the corrector include strengthening postural muscles and increasing the wearer’s confidence.

“The schemberTRU posture corrector is a perfect gift for the active Dad out there – who wants to improve his golf swing with a more flexible spine and posture,” says Jenn Emberly Co-founder of Schember Co.

The posture corrector is currently available on Amazon for as low as $25.85, with a 30-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

More information about the posture corrector can be found on the website.

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schemberTRU is the popular maker of unique posture corrector. Headquartered in California, the company comprises a team that is dedicated to the practice of better posture for a better life, using their wealth of experience and expertise to create an effective posture corrector.

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