Say “Hello” to the “Hola Bed and Breakfast” project in Nicaragua

April 10, 2014 – USA.  With a simple concept for bringing tourism to an impoverished region in Nicaragua, a man who grew up in the streets of San Jorge Rivas wants to give his former community a better way of life.

Mr. Moises Lopez Sandoval’s “Hola bed and breakfast’ concept is part of a plan to help others escape the cycle of poverty through education and tourism. Now living in the US, Mr. Lopez Sandoval is on a personal mission to give back to his community where he grew up. “I learned in my life experience that development needs to be sustainable it is possible if everybody can work together with the same vision,” says Moises Lopez Sandoval.

The project plans to renovate several homes in the city. The remodelled homes will have the bonus of an extra room that will then be rented to volunteers and tourists for a nominal fee. This rental income provides desperately needed funds to pay for food and education for the family. The remodelling of the homes will provide a new sustainable income for individuals, and the community as a whole as a source of tourism. All of this will be possible with your help via a global crowd funding campaign at

Donations to the “Hola bed and breakfast” project will also fund the construction of a community center for the town of San Jorge Rivas. This innovative project willlay the foundation for a better future – one with more sustainable income for the community as a whole. The bonus is that people locally and globally can have a very personal tourist experience.

Rental income will help to provide food for life’s necessities like clothes, food and books in a place where many children can’t afford to go to school. Apart from bringing new opportunity and hope to the community, the project also plans to put this city on the map for international tourism. The community center (once built through funds raised) will be a learning hub where children and adults can learn important life skills and trades from volunteers. This includes learning English, computer skills, crafts, and carpentry. Donate what you can and help others escape poverty. The project also hopes to provide computers and other educational tools. This will enable those at most risk to build a path to higher education and jobs for the future. Even one or two dollars makes a huge difference.

Help spread the word. Say “hello” to the “Hola bed and breakfast” project. Even if you can’t donate – just share the links with friends, family and co-workers. For more information:

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