Say Goodbye to Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles with New MediViz Cold Eye Mask

The instant relief eye mask for puffy eyes is finally here. The MediViz Cold Eye Mask is a cold compress eye treatment for not only puffy eyes, but a range of eye problems such as dark circles, headaches, allergies and migraines. Brought by Interviz, LLC, a team of doctors on a mission to bring free eye care to those who lack medical access, part of the sales proceeds will go towards funding free eye clinics around the world.

Cold eye masks or eye gel pads are a great way to relieve painful eye symptoms. However, all eye compress masks aren’t effective, and this is why the MediViz eye mask for puffy eyes has been introduced. A proven way to bring relief to the eyes, the eye compress is also useful in treating dark circles, headaches, migraines, allergic conditions and other eye related symptoms. Those who want to take a quick and relaxing nap will find the gel eye mask a great and comforting experience.

Eyes are sensitive and anyone can get puffy eyes or develop allergic symptoms. Cold compress is a well known method to bring relief and treat such conditions. The new gel mask is superior to other conventional products, and useful in treating related symptoms, sinus pressure and headaches, right from the comfort of one’s home.

The MediViz Cold Eye Mask is part of the product portfolio of SightPros, a range of eye care products that aim to bring relief from various common eye conditions, while also funding a global initiative to offer free eye clinics in those regions that lack proper medical facilities.

My eye doctor prescribed that I try a cold eye mask. I put it in the freezer and used it the next morning. After using it for several days, I can confirm that I can see some relief for my puffy eyes. I am sure that over time I will see more and more relief,” said a recent user of MediViz Cold Eye Mask.

The MediViz Cold Eye Mask is now available from Amazon with 100% refund guarantee. Sales from SightPros products go towards funding free eye clinics and volunteer mission trips around the world to areas where eye or vision care is not available.

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