Savorish Fine Foods Takes To Kickstarter To Fund Their Premium Baked Cheese Snack Project

Savorish Fine Foods announces fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for their premium baked cheese snack project.

Savorish Fine Foods, the company with a reputation for making sophisticated snacking simple, has announced their launch of campaign on Kickstarter for making Savorish Cheese Crisps. Savorish is a name synonymous with quality snacks that are made available in easy-to-eat packages. The crispy and tasty 100% premium cheese is baked and the best snack to have on the go.

“We are delighted to introduce our premium quality cheese snack that’s baked to crispy perfection,” says the spokesperson for Savorish Fine Foods. “We have taken the Kickstarter route to raise funds for various aspects of the project including packaging, equipment, ingredients, production, marketing and others. We are also keen to try our new product first with the people who get direct feedback about the product.”

Savorish aims at providing premium snacking options in the savory space, especially to those who love to snack on the go. Savorish is quite unlike the multitude of sweet snacks and commercial cheese snacks available on the market. It is a unique product in the specialty/gourmet niche.

Savorish is targeted at those who love delicious savories made available in portable packages that are easy to carry. Creating good food products that are easy to eat is the company’s motto. They believe that eating is one of the most joyous things of life and hence no bite should be wasted on mediocre food. In today’s hectic pace of life, food solutions must be developed to keep pace with that speed. Savorish is the best solution for those who want to enjoy good food on the go without having to compromise on quality.

Savorish already offers a popular line of snacks for those who dig quality food products. Their cheese and cracker snack packs uniquely pairs specialty cheeses with artisan crackers. Packaging is one area that Savorish Fine Foods is sharply focused on. Their products are offered in simple, portable and convenient to carry packs and very easy to eat.  Savorish products are currently sold in Southern California at Gelsons and in the LA area at Whole Foods.

The premium baked cheese snack is 100% cheese and does not contain fillers of any type. It is also free from gluten. There are only 100 calories and 7 grams of protein per pouch. There is no carbohydrate or sugar making it one of the healthiest snacks available in this category. The portable pack can be carried conveniently to office, work, movies, concerts, and school/college and can be consumed before or after workout. Those who commute daily will find the pack handy.

The company aims to raise $10,000 for the project which has a September, 2017 deadline. There are many incentives on offer for participants in the Kickstarter campaign.

About Savorish Fine Foods:

Savorish Fine Foods is a food company committing to elevating snacking and making good food easy to eat. Savorish Cheese Crisps, a 100% specialty premium baked cheese snack is being introduced in a convenient easy-to-eat portable pack. The gluten-free, all natural snack has no fillers or preservatives. The Kickstarter campaign is aimed at raising fund for the Savorish Cheese Crisps project.

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