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We always want to achieve as much as we can during our lifetime so that someone else will say they did have a good run.

Have you wondered what people would remember you when you are no more? In most cases, people are forgotten immediately they are no longer alive. People will hardly remember you for the good things you might have done. Perhaps some will remember you for just a few days, and then you are history.

But everyone wants to do their best in life. We always want to achieve as much as we can during our lifetime so that someone else will say they did have a good run. There are however several factors that make it difficult to leave a legacy.

Short lifespan:

This is the greatest threat to achieving a perfect lifestyle today. People are always rushing against time to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, there is never enough time to do everything and save some. Life itself is a significant limiting factor to goal setting and achieving.

People only live for about 70 years. If it extends above that, it only comes to about 80. That is the period that someone can live and actually feel alive.

During this time, a person can work perfectly fine for about 15 years only. But it is still a long period struggling with unsatisfying jobs and the need to stay close to family. There is usually just too much going on that you might simply realize the time has really gone when it is too late for you.

Boring work:

Modern life keeps getting harder and harder by the day. Everyone wants to ensure that they are living to the standards set by the modern world. For this reason, you will find people working so hard for long periods of time in a day to meet the demand.

There is no time to have fun. Some of the jobs are just too boring. But when you think about your family, the bills you have to pay and everything else, what you do won’t matter. This is why people will stick to their jobs even when they are bored to death.

Life simply slips through your hands as the focus of your work.

What is the solution?

What if you don’t have to face any of the above? What if you simply become immortal and stop worrying about time?

Such things sound like a dream right? As much as it sounds too good to be true, it is true.

Technology is the answer. EverLife.AI uses the latest technologies to create a whole new world of avatars to give real long life to humans. Technologies involved include artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, P2P networking, and smart contracts.

Through the techs, it helps you create an immutable avatar for yourself.

The work of the avatar is to preserve your legacy and earn for you and your loved ones. As you keep training your immutable avatar, it evolves with your knowledge and skills. It is like keeping a copy of yourself on blockchain for future generations.

EverLife.AI is simply a solution that completely changes the world. You don’t have a reason to struggle in life anymore.

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