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The reputation of The Maids is well-established for the company is known for its attention to detail and thoroughness. The hidden spaces are no longer hidden when this crew is on the job. They remove dust, dirt, and grime; as well as toxins and contaminants, which results in a clean and healthy home.

No matter how dirty, powerful and environmentally safe products are used for cleaning perfection. Visit the Website at more information about The Maids.

This house-cleaning company uses a tag-team approach that ensures a home is clean from top to bottom, as well as a detailed process that consists of rooms, areas, and tasks included in cleaning the house.

22-Step Healthy Touch

All Rooms:
1. Pick up and Straighten Items
2. Dust Sills, Ledges, and Wall Hangings
3. Remove Cobwebs
4. Dust and Vacuum the Furniture
5. Sweep and Vacuum the Floors and Carpets
6. Vacuum Stairs
7. Vacuum underneath the Beds
8. Change Linens and Make the Beds
9. Empty the Trash

10. Clean the Sink
11. Clean the Exterior of Appliances
12. Clean inside the Microwave
13. Clean the Range Top
14. Damp Wipe Cabinet Doors
15. Clean Counters
16. Hand Wash the Floor
17. Load the Dishwasher

18. Clean Sinks and Counters; Change Towels
19. Clean and Disinfect Toilets, Tubs, and Showers
20. Hand Wash and Disinfect Floors

21. Clean the Entry Window and 1 Set of Patio-Door Windows
22. Clean Windows over the Kitchen Sink

Media Contact
Company Name: The Maids
Contact Person: Jeanne Oster
Email: Send Email
Phone: (651) 322-2217
Address: 14450 S. Robert Trail, Suite 205
City: Rosemount
State: MN
Country: United States